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“The World in the Evening” by Rachel Sherwood, Read by Ian

I Remember

Where I’m From


Incongruity: when something is out of place in its situation, seeming inappropriate. We don't know what the author meant when she said this line but it made the text more disturbing than funny.

Tone: The text's attitude toward an event or situation. I think that the author is using a sorrowful tone.

Mood: The atmosphere of a story. I noticed that the author makes a sad mood throughout the poem.

Question: Is the author repeating the same line to show that nothing has changed?

Question: What was her heart crying for?

I think that the girl's eyes are thirsty for the man.

I also want to know what the words her heart were calling

I agree. I think that the meaning of the first two lines would have changed throughout the poem.

The House of Hades

The Mark of Athena

The Son of Neptune

The Lost Hero

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Last Olympian

She seems a lot more confident right now than she did before.

I really want to know why Fonny was put in jail. I've been waiting for so long to know.

I agree. Why does she have to work while she is pregnant?

I agree. I think Sharon wants to get Fonny out because she's known him for such a long time.

I also have the same question. Who are they talking about?

I agree. I agree that they keep bringing up that Fonny is being mistreated.

I agree. I am excited to see the reason Fonny is in jail. He's slowing revealing it so the tension can build up.

I agree. I think that telling Tish's father was the reason Fonny was there

I agree. I think that it was very nice of Fonny to bring her up the stairs instead of just leaving at the front.

The Titan’s Curse

The Sea of Monsters

I don't think that Fonny's parents will agree.

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