• Dear katie
    I do think that kids and teenagers are more into there phones and not there books i really like reading books and i do have friends that like books and we read every single day i think that they do need to read more and get reading and not use there phones even though i have a phone i don´t use it very often like most of my other…[Read more]

  • i agree with you camilla he is rude he is disrespecting our country and everyone living in it and people still vote for him.

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  • Dear Next President of the United States,

    An issue that I care about is Black Lives Matter is a major issue in our country. I believe that they do matter because the cops are just making it worse they kill Black

    • i agree with what you are saying because i fell the same way because your not suppose to go around killing people because of their skin color so i agree with you.

    • Honestly it’s deeper than just the killing. They pick on us because they feel that they can. They beat on us for the smallest things. I saw a video of a man who was just sitting in his car and a cop pulled him out the car and beat on him. They do this to us because it makes them feel empowered. I don’t know if things will change anytime soon but I have hope that more people will see the injustice and stand with us.

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