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  • Hydes
  • Hi Luis,
    I agree with you, there is a lot of discrimination against immigrants. It is interesting because America is a country of immigrants, almost everyone has ancestors that came from somewhere else. Everyone deserves a chance at a better life, no matter what they look like. I recently read “Romantic Violence” by Christian Picciolini and he was…Read More

  • Hi Sophia,
    First of all great post! The american dream is such a big topic that it’s really interesting to read other people’s thoughts on it. My parents are not immigrants so I have no experience with how immigrants think and feel about the american dream. Being able to read from their perspective is always so informative. For my family the…Read More

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    Sovann wrote a new post

    Understanding Our Differences

    Due to people’s different views it is hard to see what the other side feels. People can try to reason and guess what a person with a different view is thinking, but their own biases and views can get...

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    • Hi Sovann,

      You make a wonderful point about trying to understand the “other side,” or people who have different/opposite views from you. Most of the misunderstanding and fighting comes from stereotypes and polarization, like you said. I agree in the fact that it is valuable to try and understand somebody who has different views and is from a different political party, but I think that should be differentiated from outright racism and sexism. I know that people who hold viewpoints like that are not easily swayed, and sometimes it’s just best to leave it alone, but we should try and diminish these views as much as possible because it’s simply not okay. Racism, sexism, and any other forms of oppressive views shouldn’t be the social norm, but sometimes that’s just how it is in America, and I think that should change, and I think you feel the same way.

    • Sovann,

      I feel that you have articulated your thoughts about this subject quite nicely here. The way you handled this is excellent; you did not allow any biases, political or otherwise, to penetrate this article. Instead, you took a position of genuine neutrality, and delivered your message in a clear manner.

      The subject that you tackled here is far from easy! I know that when I have written my own articles, for either YouthVoices or other places, I have become impassioned quite quickly in writing them; this piece that you wrote, in total honesty, was a solid reminder to not allow politics to be everything. Personally, I am a very strong advocate of anarchism; as such, I typically am not much of a fan of anything that Mr. Sanders says. Your inclusion of his quote on finding common ground, however, helped me to do just that: find common ground with my opponent. Reading that quote brought me a little bit closer to my political enemies, and I thank you for it.

      It is also good that you included the view of both those that feel racially oppressed and and one of the racists that perpetuates those feelings. Though I cannot truly empathize with the feelings of Mr. Picciolini (nor understand just how Mr. King felt during his times, as I am quite white), this essay led me to dig a little deeper into both sides. Though I cannot condone the sentiments and practices of Mr. Picciolini, I now understand from where he comes. It also served as a fresh reminder that the time when Mr. King and the African-American people as a whole were oppressed was not so long ago, and should not be forgotten. We already are beginning to see the seeds of those days being forgotten in our country; let us hope to create a peaceful dialogue with those which whom we disagree, and help one another to understand where we stand.



  • Emilee,
    Great post! It was well written and supported, making me think a lot. I do agree that the American Dream has changed, but I don’t know if it’s for the better or for the worse. To me, my American Dream is similar to James Truslow Adams’ and Langton Hughes’. However I know that for other people it may be more of how Shiller views it. Due to…Read More

  • Hi Gilli,
    I completely agree with you, animal cruelty is a horrible travesty. Even without being a vegetarian I still try to get food that does not take animals for granted. Being a vegetarian is a great way to help animals, however it is not for everyone. I commend you for being one, but I can’t imagine myself being a vegetarian. However that…Read More

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