• Hi Luis,
    I agree with you, there is a lot of discrimination against immigrants. It is interesting because America is a country of immigrants, almost everyone has ancestors that came from somewhere else. Everyone deserves a chance at a better life, no matter what they look like. I recently read “Romantic Violence” by Christian Picciolini and he was…[Read more]

  • Hi Sophia,
    First of all great post! The american dream is such a big topic that it’s really interesting to read other people’s thoughts on it. My parents are not immigrants so I have no experience with how immigrants think and feel about the american dream. Being able to read from their perspective is always so informative. For my family the…[Read more]

  • Due to people’s different views it is hard to see what the other side feels. People can try to reason and guess what a person with a different view is thinking, but their own biases and views can get in the way. O

    • Hi Sovann,

      You make a wonderful point about trying to understand the “other side,” or people who have different/opposite views from you. Most of the misunderstanding and fighting comes from stereotypes and polarization, like you said. I agree in the fact that it is valuable to try and understand somebody who has different views and is from a different political party, but I think that should be differentiated from outright racism and sexism. I know that people who hold viewpoints like that are not easily swayed, and sometimes it’s just best to leave it alone, but we should try and diminish these views as much as possible because it’s simply not okay. Racism, sexism, and any other forms of oppressive views shouldn’t be the social norm, but sometimes that’s just how it is in America, and I think that should change, and I think you feel the same way.

  • Emilee,
    Great post! It was well written and supported, making me think a lot. I do agree that the American Dream has changed, but I don’t know if it’s for the better or for the worse. To me, my American Dream is similar to James Truslow Adams’ and Langton Hughes’. However I know that for other people it may be more of how Shiller views it. Due to…[Read more]

  • Hi Gilli,
    I completely agree with you, animal cruelty is a horrible travesty. Even without being a vegetarian I still try to get food that does not take animals for granted. Being a vegetarian is a great way to help animals, however it is not for everyone. I commend you for being one, but I can’t imagine myself being a vegetarian. However that…[Read more]

  • Sovann wrote a new post, Unique Values 2 years ago

    Everyone has their own ideas about American values, unique to each individual. This country was built upon our founding father’s ideas about what America should be. Authors try to collect what they feel are the a

  • Hi Sophia,
    Amazing piece, you really supported each of your points well! One thing your piece brought to mind was how freedom and equality work in the present because most of your piece focuses on the past. Equality is still quite a big topic today. Gay, transgender, black, and other groups want equal rights. The right to carry and to say what…[Read more]

  • Sovann commented on the post, Earth after Humans 2 years ago

    This is a very interesting question, you really made me think about it. TV and other media sources have not explicitly answered this question, but they have given their ideas to the subject with post-apocalyptic, humans living in space instead of Earth, and many other scenarios. I hope that it doesn’t come to a point where humans have to…[Read more]

  • Kathleen,
    Global warming is a big concern of mine, the more powerful natural disasters are evidence it is a problem even though some refuse to believe it. I agree with you that more needs to be done to slow global warming. Some see the Earth as just a tool to use and abuse, but it is more than that. It is our home and it only has so much to give…[Read more]

  • Jasmine,
    College tuition has been on my mind a lot with being a junior. My family is not poor by no means, but I will have to look for scholarships to be able to go where I want. I was very interested in your information about New York starting free tuition and I wish more colleges did that. In a french class I took we learned about colleges…[Read more]

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