• I think this is a really good start and you can tell you can you’re passionate, however be careful not to insult people “simple minded people” is a little harsh try and get your point across without insulting people because it will make your argument stronger! I agree this is a huge issue good luck!

  • I think this a really good start, I think adding something personal like maybe someone you know who got trapped into gang violence and say how it has affected you. Also make it a little more fluent, not like your answering a questionaire. You mentioned starting a community program so I think you should go more in detail about so there is more…[Read more]

  • Child labor affects more than 250 million children in our world today. Most of these countries are third-world, but what is not known is that child labor is still happening in the U.S. In North Carolina, Kentucky,

  • Child Labor affects over 250 million children worldwide. Kids who range from under the age of thirteen to seventeen years old, are being exposed to various disease like Green Tobacco Sickness, experience intense

  • In a study published by the University of the Punjab, Centre for South Asian Studies, it was concluded that less education, need for extra money and the lack of poor monitoring by the government are important

  • According to Mexico: Child labour and the perils of a lost education.” by Al Jazeera America, 2.5 million kids are working in Mexico and 870,000 of those kids are under the age of 13. The global number of

    • This is a great writing that gets deep into the facts behind child labor. I was wondering what your opinion on the matter is? How do you think our nation can help fix this problem? I think that stopping the support of products that use these means to produce is the main way people can team up together to get these companies to stop their means of production. Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas about how this problem could be solved because honestly it has to start with consumers in my opinion as most business owners are mainly worried about their profit. If the way they are getting profit is by going about things this way, they probably don’t have much empathy for the workers or they would stop. But by cutting off their profit and not buying their merchandise, things could be changed because they would want to get that profit back. This is hard though because it would have to be a lot of people joining in and not all people feel the same about this topic.

    • This is a great piece of writing, its very informative and delves deep into a widespread problem that must be fixed around the world. What are some steps that countries can take to decrease the amount of child labor? Im excited to keep on reading your posts because it is something that needs to stop.

    • Child labor is a huge problem, one that has even existed in our nation’s history. We’re making progress to decrease child labor and need to continue the work.

  • Child labor in our world today incorporates 250 million children worldwide. Child labor occurs when “people under fifteen years of age are forced to be employed because their parents either cannot work or do not

    • This is such a sad topic and truly devastating. I agree with you that we all need to do whatever we can to prevent this. Great post and great awareness.

    • This is sad they shouldn’t be doing this to kids so young

    • Dear Hannah,
      I think that it is so sad that this is happening in the world. I honestly didn’t know about Asia I usually hear about things like this in places like Africa, and Latin America. My trouble is thinking of a way to stop this. How can we do that? I know that people can easily raise awareness, but how do people actually make money too help support these families? People can make working conditions for workers better and pay them more so they can keep their children in school. Their kids would be more successful in life, therefore making child labor a little less common and possibly get rid of it for good. Overall this was a great piece and I enjoyed reading it and learning something new.

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    This piece is very unique, you have a great voice, a little vague though. I liked how you used this description of a pinecone to describe yourself and your own oppression. You have a lot of tone and emotion in your writing which is so strong and beautiful.

  • I think this piece is a good stepping stone, however I think it would benefit for more specific examples i.e specific places where Christian executions are demonstrated. While I understand this concern, and share it as well as your faith, I think this piece just needs a little bit more support. Also comparison with other persecutions from other…[Read more]

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    as someone who struggles with anxiety, I find this poem powerful and relatable. the brevity and abruptness of the poem is very impactful, you did a very good job.

  • This is very impactful, your writing was drawn together beautifully, and your passion for this subject burst through the lines. I go to a Catholic School where we know how to wear knee length shorts because our skirt lengths were not appropriate. Being told that expressing yourself is wrong is so degrading of our confidence, and instead of…[Read more]

  • Chris, I think this request for our future president to respect people of all races is very valid, but i wish it wasn’t necessary we live in the 21st century, we have over come so many obstacles and i think it’s truly awful that racial discrimination is still a problem. i also agree with lula, we need to refine our justice systems and not let…[Read more]

  • Having curiosity of how the world would belike  if the moon disappeared, I read various articles about moon disappearance-some hypothetical and probable theories that could happen based on current events.  Dr. M

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