• Children in today’s day and age are often told this word all too much, and that word is yes. Jordon Peterson is his book 12 Rules for life provides some personal anecdotes about parents who often do this. On p

  • I definitely agree with you about the fact that there are many definitions of American values, but there still are some that are commonly held by all Americans. For example, working hard, being independent, and the founding principles are all values we hold.

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  • There is no one definition of what it means to be an American. Instead, there are many connected ideas from different sources. One of these sources includes the United States Constitution. In its preamble, it

    • Hey Christian, I like how you cut right to the chase with the sources and used an abundance of evidence. However, in the future you may want to spend a little more time explaining your sources better and how they relate to the topic. I also thought your last sentence tied the whole piece together very well by directly relating back to the topic sentence.

    • Christian,
      I really enjoyed reading your piece. In particular, I liked how you cite the constitution numerous times throughout your writing. In America, the constitution is a set of principles that reflects our nation’s moral and values.

  • Your argument comes mostly from a compassionate state of mind, its good to help animals and not to pollute. However, bottled water is a much more valuable commodity then you are making it out to be. In poorer countries like Africa or Asia bottled water plays a pivotal role in helping people gain the water they need to survive. Plastic also is a…[Read more]

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