• “I hate you.” That is the last thing I remember saying. During dinner, my mother and I had gotten into an argument. The reason for the argument was silly, but aren’t most arguments over silly reasons anyways? Wel

    • The story was written really well, I wanted to keep reading to reach the conclusion. It really made me think about how saying “I hate you,” can have such a large impact. Mothers give a lot and I know what it feels like to have that hatred for stupid reasons. The dream sequence was good, I believed it was the real event until you woke up and saw the truth. Thank you for such a powerful message.

  • My name is Husnain and I am not good at anything. In fact, I am pretty bad at everything except one thing. I am good at working hard. Working hard has been drilled into me ever since I was a little kid because of

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    Dear Grant,

    I am impressed by essay “Intro to Me” because of the authenticity of your work. I enjoy reading biographies and yours was interesting to read because it is from the the perspective of another high schooler’s. One sentence that stood out to me was “My favorite subjects are math and science because I find them the most interesting and I…[Read more]

  • Dear Joey,
    I am impressed by your post and video, “Me, Myself and I, three paragraphs about yours truly” because of the fact that you mentioned specifics. I do wrestling as well and the fact that you wrestle caught my eye. One sentence that stood out to me was “I’m an adrenaline junkie”. I think this is cool because I can relate somewhat.

  • A Jacob said, I could really hear your voice too. I felt like I was talking to you in person. In addition, I also agree that a father figure is important in everyone’s lives because it creates a balance with the mother figure. Overall, this work is great and keep working hard in school.

  • My name is Husnain Khan and I live in Okemos, Michigan. Up until the age of four, I lived in Toronto, Canada and was born there as well. Ever since my family and I came to the United States, I have lived in

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      It’s sad to see that even someone as skilled at wrestling as you are, probably couldn’t make a future out of wrestling if you wanted to. Still good to know you have some direction in your life, I worry about some of the guys on that team. I swear if they let JV in on the whole GPA thing I’d bring up the curve by a solid .1 at least :). You’ve mentioned living in Toronto before (elementary school, I think you did a presentation) and here you are saying it’s like night and day, in what way may I ask? Good bio, it’s good to hear how much all of us Okemos kids appreciate Okemos, it’s a great community.

  • You cannot describe what an American means in one word. Being an American is a combination of values and ideals. These values and ideals are different for each and every person. To me, being an American means to

  • Being an American can mean many things. Not everyone feels the same about American values, but we can all agree on a few things. Some may hate the United States and some may love the land of the free. At the end

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