• Sevin, great opinion piece!
    I wholeheartedly agree with you when you say “What people say about you shouldn’t matter.” This has been a key element to my peace of mind living in the United States. I feel comfort in my ability to protest freely. I had a controversial opinion from the NFL’s controversy on which I would love to hear your opinion. I f…[Read more]

  • It’s funny; if you go to Google and search “best time to be alive”, what will appear is probably exactly what you’d expect. Of course, there are many reasons why we might want to be living in the 20s, or the 70s

    • Hello Hunter!
      I am envious of how good of a writer you are. Aside from that, I really like your message. I believe it’s human nature to want we don’t have, but in cases such as these, it’s important that we have a healthy perspective. The reality is that the roaring 20s, the milkshake 60s, and the funky 80s are all glorified in the movies we watch, the books we read, the music we listen to. It’s not frequently emphasized the injustice that plagued these retro periods, painting a picture of only the things we want to remember. We are extremely fortunate to be living in such a modern age where we have progressed further and further away from the inequality tainting past decades, and to whoever truly wishes they lived in the earlier twentieth century, perhaps they should spend less time daydreaming and more time cracking open a history book.

  • Allison, your post is great! You definitely highlight well the American dream. Do you think the American Dream really is available for everyone, though? Your title certainly suggests it’s something you would like, but particularly as a result of your last paragraph, it seems like you might agree with me that not everyone has the same access to the…[Read more]

  • Walter, thanks for highlighting this issue. It is a big problem, especially in places like Hong Kong where people are forced to wear air filter masks just to go outside to breathe. Your piece is good for demonstrating the effects of air pollution on people, as well. I think a great adaptation for this piece would be to add some of your own…[Read more]

  • Issa, you’ve definitely chosen an interesting topic, thanks for sharing. I want to say that your research so far has been eye opening for me. I had no idea that since the Yemen Civil War “there were more than 3,000 schools destroyed”. That’s a shocking figure, and I certainly did not expect to see such a horrific statistic about education, even in…[Read more]

  • Mauro,
    Thanks for your information, I enjoyed this article. One issue with it, however, is that just because “56.6% of Charter Schools are located in cities”, it is not certain that fifty percent of the city’s schools are charter schools. This doesn’t necessarily mean that public schools get more funding, so the issue is certainly still a major…[Read more]

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    Hey Epic, thanks for sharing your story!
    I’ve personally been playing video games since the beginning of my memory, and I really dislike the notion that they’re destroying our generation. They’re such a cool way to express creativity, and even a great way to show off. I’ve never been much of an artist myself, either. The idea of creating 3D models…[Read more]

  • Cicely-
    I really liked this post. I can relate, since I’ve been going to Catholic and other denominational private schools for my entire life. I’ve always been dissatisfied with the answer of “everything happens for a reason”, and “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle”. If we are truly God’s children, why can’t some of us handle our…[Read more]

  • I personally have watched countless movies, T.V. shows, and documentaries that detail the incredible world of space exploration. Our biggest limitation, and the reason humans have never stepped foot an a celestial

    • Hunter, the concept of ultra-fast travel has fascinated science and sci-fi alike for years. Imagine, in all the time we’ve spent writing and dreaming about this topic, we could have gotten, well, a bit outside our solar system. You should take a look at the Alcubierre Drive — why move through space when you can make space move you? I’m interested to read what you think of it.

      Thanks for your post!

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