• Dear Tania Gutama:

    I’m really interesting about your poem. From your poem I can understand story that happen in your daily life. It’s amazing for how I can see your story by reading your poem. Hope I can read more your writing for how interesting it is.


    I am from building blocks and candy jar with no candy in it,

    from  baby dolls and a piggy bank.

    I am from the room being attacked by a storm.

    and moist to moist to moist.

    I am from the silk f

    • I liked how you used descriptive words to help me visualize what you were talking about. I also enjoyed the way you used dialogue.

  • Dear lining:

    This is an really interesting topic for researching. From your writing I realize what education really affecting is your life attitude, and that’s how it affect us.

  • Are humans really dealing with their past mistakes?

    This question is very appealing to me because humanity is always an interesting topic to discover, for how easy it can break and how easy it can be forgotten.

    • Thanks smiley, I like you wrote by this sentence ”From all this, I see nothing about deal with mistake, I see another mistake build over another mistake. Maybe this is a sensitive topic to research, but they should be remember and live under justice.” it’s right because another mistake will come it up, and mistakes should be fix.

    • dear Huiwen Li,
      I am amazed about your post, Mistakes Over A Mistake, because it makes the reader realize all the wrong they may have done, it is so thoughtful to write about that cruelty caused by a human to his likeness. i think you show how inhuman it can be. and introduced us to the relief an apology can bring.
      one sentence you wrote that really stood out for me is “This question is very appealing to me because humanity is always an interesting topic to discover, for how easy it can break and how easy it can be forgotten.” this is so considerate and so true, despite the fact that it shows how ignorant some people can be. mistakes are easily made and people don’t even realize how hurt you can be .
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you express your thoughts clearly and reveal the facts hidden.

  • Your writing is so real but beautiful and peaceful. I like your writing for you show the life so close to us, and I can understand you better after reading your writing. After all, writing is a communication on paper. Hope I can read more of your writing so I can understand you more and more.

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    I’m one of the ships that lives in Sheepshead bay.
    At morning, I woke up by the fresh baked waffle, seeing people arrived in day.
    Then I spent my time looking at who came here.
    People were talking, smiling, l

    • Dear Huiwen:
      I am happy after reading your poem, “Lying on Blue,” because I like what you said about how you carried the people, You wrote a beautiful poem.
      One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you said: “ I love my neighborhood.” I think this is great because I love my neighborhood too.
      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because you wrote a beautiful poem. I want to read more about your poem.

    • Dear Huiwen:

      I am happy after seeing your photograph because the picture of the boat in the bay is beautiful and looks good.

      One part of your work that stands out for me is the poem. I think this is creative because it is eloquent and well written.

  • Your story remind me the first time I see snow. As a immigrant who also came from Guangdong, I understand the excitement in your sentence when you talk about snow. You remind me the time me and my mom run out to the backyard just for played snow in a snowstorm, and the snow made our cloth totally wet that time.

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  •  My name is Huiwen and I was born in China. I am 17 years old. I have lived in a tiny little city called Taishan inside Guangdong. Taishan is way more isolated compared to Brooklyn, but it doesn’t mean Br

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