• hp21265

I had never known that the substance abuse was much higher for any ethnic group let alone that group be Native Americans. This is a really interesting topic to read about and the solutions you talk about really could go towards every person and kid.

The Benefits of Strict Gun Laws View Comment
  • @hp21265
  • February 9, 2021

With the whole aspect of guns for self defense or for hunting I don't understand why people wouldn't be fine with just a small handgun for defense only and a simple hunting rifle. If we limit it to just the bare minimum then people still get guns for what...

War: What’s it for? View Comment
  • @hp21265
  • October 20, 2020

No matter what side you’re on I believe that war is never something we cherish and adore. War is horrible and has taken more lives than needed most of witch were forced to battle for their side. I hope that in my lifetime there is never a war so...

Trying to imagine big sporting events coming back into light is a very hard thing to do right now and something like boxing were there can’t be social distancing between athletes is even harder to imagine. I love how you found articles that go over the possibilities of this...

My Own Memories View Comment
  • @hp21265
  • October 9, 2020

When reading your response to reading the play, "The Glass Menagerie" I got really exited for two reasons. First of all I love reading new plays and stories to see the character development and growth. Secondly its a whole new spin on a ply because its in the memories...

I agree with the evidence that you have presented about how weed in moderation is healthy and should be legal but in that sentence is the problem. Humans suck at doing anything in moderation, we have no real control. People let what makes them happy take control over and...

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