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Everything Starts with a low expectation and ends with a high expectation

Recently, I read “The Glass Menagerie”, by Tennessee Williams. I appreciated the fact that I get to read the story. The play is so interesting because I have learned many characters that have helped me to know how to behave in certain situations. I have learned that a person can be a dynamic character and end up being a better person. The protagonist […]

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Amanda’s characters

Amanda, the protagonist in “The Glass Menagerie” has a few traits that influence her relationship with others. One, she is determined. Two she is depressed. Three she is impatient. These traits influence her relationship with others “Comb your hair! You look so pretty when your hair is combed! [Tom slouches on the sofa with the evening paper. Enormous caption ‘Franco Triumphs’.] There is only one respect […]

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Amanda’s Characters throughout The Play

Amanda is a dynamic character her archetype changes over the course of the play. At the beginning of the play, she is archetypal of the mother. This can be seen in lines 29 to 31, where the author writes: “Amanda said, Tom?  Yes, Mother.  We can’t say grace until you come to the table! Coming, Mother.  [He bows slightly and withdraws, reappearing a […]

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Only Your Characters Can Define you

This play is based on the memories of the narrator Tom Wingfield. He related part of his life in different scenes according to what he remembered. Also describe some specific issues that his family struggled with when he was young. The play has some strategies and literary techniques that each book has in different perspectives according to the readers. The first scene of […]

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The Importance of Family

Reading this makes me learn each character through someone else’s words or actions. I want to write about Amanda’s character and the way I can explain her character is through her kids which are Tom and Laura. The third and final section of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, might leave a reading feeling interested because there is a lot going […]

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Thank You for Giving Youth Courage to Fight Back!

Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez, I am fascinated with your video because you are really giving the young generation more courage to express their voices by doing speeches and videos to be heard. Many people feel so terrified before seeing someone that can help them accomplish their dreams which is making the world a better place for every human being. Youth need lots of […]

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The Brightness of Education

I am thinking about managing my time before every due date. Being responsible is important because you will not have no one telling what or when to do certain stuff. Reading the three stories that are somehow similar and different in certain way might be so difficult how those stories will end up. A family that fight over a heritage that do […]

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The Differences Between Sisters

One upon a time, in the 90s, there lived a black family  in a small and unsafe neighborhood. The mother had two young daughters Maggie and her sister Dee. They used to play together all the time, their mother loved to see them that way. The house was pretty and organized, Maggie and her sister Dee used to clean the […]

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