• Dear El-Hassan
    I am compassionate with your story because it really stands out for me and people can just read the first paragraph and understand what you are going to talk about in the essay. Maggie’s family were really struggling when it comes to education and living status. This sentence really caught my attention “which was a very poor vil…[Read more]

  • Beloved Hanna,
    I am touched with the language you used to explain how minorities are suffering from the society. Especially the black people who suffered the most because they are black and poor. Sometimes it looks like they are isolated from society. This paragraph really helped me to see being poor can affect many people’s lives and to not h…[Read more]

  • I am fascinated with your story, because you really showed the differences between the three stories. You explained the importance of education and how some the kids in “The Lesson” were not taking it seriously and at the end they realize that a person without education it’s just a bird without wings. This paragraph really caught my atten…[Read more]

  • I am thinking about managing my time before every due date. Being responsible is important because you will not have no one telling what or when to do certain stuff.

    Reading the three stories that are somehow

    • Dear Housseynatu

      I am so interested, fascinated and surprised about your writing “ The Brightness of Education,” because the topic is so true and your writing has so much to say about education. I pretty much support the idea that acknowledging change our mind makes people be independent and productive to our life.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ That time they did not realize that education is the most powerful weapon that a person could have and no one else can’t take it from him or her. Especially that time was when segregation and they thought that they were not allowed to fight for their presence and their future. They must have honored their past and made their future better than they lived.” I think this is inspiring because that is the one way our society can move on just by having education that is the key to change or improve inequality. If we check the story of these people who finish their education, for example Martin Luther King and Rosa Park, they make a huge impact on their surroundings.
      Another sentence that I liked was: “Reading these makes me think that maybe they wrote the stories to let people to not commit the same mistakes that they did. ” This stood out for me because the a great reason why the author decided to make this story so can keep impacting other people’s lives through year and year is important to maintain story alive so people would try to change their minds.
      Have you seen this read Malala book? I just love her voice and ideas. Please, if you haven’t read her book yet I recommend you to do it because she supports education. She just said that it is better to be prepared to fight with a pen instead of a weapon which is so true.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next !

      Emely Lopez

    • Dear Houssenatou:
      I am really sad about your letter, “The Brightness of Education,” because hearing that the kid who will change the world in the future is uneducated. I wonder what the future will be if these kids stay uneducated.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The narrator was teaching a young adult boy to know different types of race and how to be presentable when meeting one kind of them.” I think this is good, but sometimes it is useless. The boy has to be careful. because people are different even though they have the same race. Sometimes people can have different races and have the same behavior.
      Another sentence that I hurted me was: “The mother was a side lover because she did not love her daughters in the same way.” This stood out for me because I can not understand how someone can love one of his or her children and forget about the one. Above all, a woman.
      I do totally agree with you that woman who loves one of her children more than the other. One reason I say this is because I think women are more qualified to educate children than men. If these women start making differences between their children that means the destruction of the families will be the biggest problem in the world. Then after that there will be peace in the world.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

  • Precious Oumy
    I am very impresionante with your story “Success isn’t Important but Attitudes is” because you really told what some families have and no one has the courage to tell them how they are supposed to treat outsiders. I think people should really say what’s bothering them in an environment, they choose whether they stay there or not. Wh…[Read more]

  • Dearest Celine
    I am ecstatic with your short story “Maggie’s Diary”, because the method you kept the story so simple and how you can understand every character’s emotion through Maggie’s words or perspectives. I am glorious with the techniques that you used your first paragraph a peaceful imagery that could keep a reader to continue being cur…[Read more]

  • Beloved Idelkys,
    I am Inspired about your short story “Young sister cries telling her Family experience after her hands were Burned”, because the way you expressed how Maggie would feel personally towards her mother and how her tragedy affected her life. What most attracted my attention is that even she knows her mother does not feel so much aff…[Read more]

  • Dear Eros
    I am so sensitive about your letter, “My True Feelings” because not a lot of people are honest when it comes to how they feel about certain things. In this letter you showed how a true talks about when they see unfairness happens. Maggie wanted to have the truth all out, to start a new beginning with her sister. I am truly sti…[Read more]

  • One upon a time, in the 90s, there lived a black family  in a small and unsafe neighborhood. The mother had two young daughters Maggie and her sister Dee. They used to play together all the time, their

    • Dear Housseynatu:

      I am feeling melancholy after having read your interpretation “The Differences Between Sisters.” It because in the story mom was trying to help other back family when this horrible experiences happens to Maggie, is unfair for sure but this is the cruel reality took place many years ago. That’s the way how back community suffered.

      The most heavy stands that call my attention is when you said “ Dolorously, Maggie was in the living room and she was burned all over her arms and legs. Mama came home and found Maggie fainted in the room and she quickly called for help. Over months Maggie’s injured healed but she still had scars all over her arms and legs. “ For sure this situation was devasting for the family.

      I pretty recommend you story to the audiences, because people should the real history behind today society.
      Thanks for your words, and dedication creating this touching story I wish you the best.

    • Dear Housseynatu:

      I am sorrowful about your short story , “The Differences Between Sisters” because it has a lot of imagery that I can see and feel the horrible scenes of the fire.

      One line that stands out for me is, “Some unkind people came to hurt a black family, because one member from the black family got into a fight.” I think this line is intriguing because how is possible people can hurt others just because their color. Also, I can’t stop thinking about all that Maggie felt and experienced.

      Your story reminds me of a situation that I once experienced. In my neighborhood a young girl was playing with her brother and the house caught on fire but they never know who did it. The boy get off the house on time but the girl did not so she burned all over but she survive.

      Thanks for your story. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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