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    Being American

    The meaning of being American means so many different things to so many different people and to every single person it means something different. To me personally being American means having freedom of speech and being able to protest...

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    • I very much agree with you and how being an American can mean different things to may different people. I liked how you used an article for a source as well as using a personal example. Your whole writing was really well done!

    • Holly,
      I agree with the values that you talked about in your writing. I also used a personal example about my family in my writing, because they came over from Germany. How you say that anyone can be an American even if they aren’t born here is important. I think you should look into how the American dream is something that is difficult for many people of color, because they can be put at different disadvantages. This is well written and thank you for your writing!

    • I agree with what you wrote Holly. Being American means so many things for everyone, its different for each and everyone one of us. I included a lot of this in my essay too I thought it was a big point that was needed. Your essay is really well done, good work!



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