• Thomas, I’m really impressed with all of the research you have done on this topic. I think this is a really important topic and I think we need to find a solution to helping the civilians.

  • Grant, I think you did a nice job on your infographic on nuclear power. I like how you explained the good and the bad of having nuclear power. Overall, nice job and keep up the good work!

  • Evan, I totally agree with your issue on school lunches. I think this has been an issue for awhile now and hasn’t really improved so we should strive to change it so the new generation of children don’t have to suffer.

  • Sid, I really like your infographic. I think it’s really descriptive because you stated what happened and how it was dealt with. In my opinion, Turner’s punishment wasn’t enough and the Judge should have enforced a harsher punishment.

  • Onyu, I totally agree with you on the idea that this book relates directly to racism. I strongly believe that twain expressed the use of the n word as much as he did because he wanted to show the reality of what happened in the past. Good job with your analysis and keep up the good work!

  • Thomas, I think you did a really nice job writing this. I totally agree with you on the idea that freedom really effects both these characters and how twain tried to implement the use of the n word to show that. When I was reading this book, I thought about the topic of freedom but I didn’t go as in-depth as you did. Nice job and keep up the good work!

  • In Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, dialect is used very cleverly throughout the book. Jim, a slave, experiences the most throughout the book because his dialogue is full of improper words and p

    • Hi Tuan, I agree that Twain had used dialect in his writing quite well in most instances. Although I don’t believe he had spent much effort on the dialect of the real Wilks brothers. They seemed quite normal. Other than that, the various groups in the story had distinguishable dialects.

    • Hey Tuan, I agree with you that Mark Twain’s use of dialect throughout the book is a clever and an effective way to convey a message to the audience and make the story more realistic. I think it’s interesting how Jim’s dialect shows a lot about his background, including education, and his struggle in pronouncing some words correctly. Although the book contains many N words, I think it is absolutely necessary in showing what it was really like back in the 1830s when slavery was still legal in the South. Do you think people are still judged based on their dialect to this day in 2017?

    • In Huck Finn, Twain was definitely trying to portray a certain “flavor” in the South. However, I think that your terming of Jim’s speech as “incorrect” is troublesome, as it implies that there is a “proper” way to be talking. I see that you do not refer to the other dialects as incorrect, which is why I bring this up. On another note, I don’t think that it shows that Jim is uneducated, as there are many dialects of English today. Moreover, I think that his way of speaking was created due to his family’s history of slavery, and how people he grew up around spoke. His ancestors, the original slaves who were taken to America through the middle passage and stripped of their humanity probably did not speak English. They would have picked it up bit by bit, with their children speaking similarly. Even now we still see this in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) spoken by working class African-Americans.

    • Hi Tuan! Great analysis of the use of dialect within the text. I really enjoyed how deciphered the excerpt from the text ad incorporated it into your writing, although I would urge you to expand your analysis of the quote itself. Mark Twain’s use of dialect is a great example of local color in the novel since it helps depict the time period and culture of the south during the pre-civil war period. You can see the emphasis Twain puts on dialect and language in this piece through almost any quote of dialogue between Huck and Jim, “Well, it’s a blame ridicklous way, en I doan’ want to hear no mo’ ’bout it. Dey ain’ no sense in it.”(72). Here you can clearly see how Twain uses dialect to depict the time period and the local color. You have a good start on your work although I would try to expand your thinking a little more, maybe you could dive deeper into the local color of the novel as well as the dialect? But other than that good start!

    • Hi Tuan, I strongly agree with that you Mark Twain is using words and phrases that are very improper such as the “N” word. I think it is very interesting how Mark Twain decided to use the “N” word instead of replacing with other word that is not offensive to black people. It is very uncommon to see the “N” word in the book in the 20th century. I like your example from the book, you example shows well about Mark Twain using words and phrases that are very improper. I think that the book should not be prohibited in high schools, because I think that the dialect and its improper words shows the true history of America. Thank you for your essay Tuan.

    • Hi Tuan, Good analysis of dialect in Huck Finn! Twain’s use of several dialects throughout the novel adds a lot of depth to the characters and depicts a historically accurate picture of the South during this time period. I agree that Jim’s speech is an indicator of the amount of education available to slaves, but I think that some of his words are pronounced differently because he has an accent. Do you agree? I would further question whether or not you think that the n word should be included in the novel and what impact you think it has. Even though Twain’s use of this offensive word is historically accurate, do you think it is too offensive to be read by highschoolers across America? Is the word slave a good enough replacement? I would challenge you to discuss how reading a censored version of the novel can affect a person’s reading experience too.

    • Hi Tuan!
      I agree with the idea that Twain utilizes dialogue to add an extra element to the story, and to really get the reader to understand the setting of the novel. However, I disagree with your statement in saying that Jim’s speech is “improper”. Although his speech does display a lack of education and a different upbringing when compared to some of the other characters dialect, saying it is improper kind of puts across the idea that everyone talks “correctly” besides Jim. If you compare the characters dialect to today’s standard speech found in America, every characters speech in the novel would technically be incorrect.

    • I think this is a very good analysis. I think the quotes from the text that you use as examples are very relevant and important to the type of analysis you did. I think you did a very good job tying in your quotes with your analysis. I think you did a very good job showing the quotes significance. I think you make a very good point about the historical significance of the text. I think you do a very good job showing how the text is evidence of what kind of society there is in the book. I think your analysis sparks people to think deeply about the text in a unique way. I think your analysis compels people to think about the text from unique perspectives that you show and highlight in your analysis and to think about the perspectives in a unique way. Overall I think this is an excellent analysis.

  • Tuan commented on the post, Climate Change 2 years, 5 months ago

    Xochitl, I think you did a great job in expressing your concerns over climate change. I’m also very passionate about nature and it’s really reassuring that more people in this world care about this as well.

  • Pollution is a big problem today that is slowly getting worse. Pollution not only is ruining the Earth but it also killing tons and tons of innocent animals that are inhabiting many different environments. People

    • Dear Tuan,
      Your post on pollution is very interesting. The problem of pollution has been mentioned many times but now it seems as if it’s not an important deal. Pollution is important not only to us but animals. If we don’t take actions to reduce pollution many species may be wiped out. In my opinion I think we should inform people from all around how we can reduce pollution. Many actions can be taken to solve this issue. I really like how you included WWF trying to help clean the Galapagos Island. Thank you for you post it was interesting to read about pollution and actions that are currently being taken.

    • Tuan,
      Good Work! I also agree that pollution is a huge issue today, I am really happy that you are writing about this and bringing it into the light. Not many people are not aware of this issue and I think that it is up to us to keep reminding others of the repercussions to some of their actions. Good Job!

  • Thomas, I totally agree with you that people need friendships to succeed. I think bonds with friends are something that you need to treasure because it is something that cannot be broken. All in all, really nice job with your essay.

  • Thomas, I totally agree with you that dialect is extremely important in this quote because it shows the use of dialect from a different region then what we are use to. Great job with your analysis and keep up the good work.

  • Joseph, really nice job with your analysis. I think you did a really good job explaining the use of irony throughout the passage. I agree with you that this passage showed tons of irony and how it develops Huck as a character.

  • Chapter 5

    Pg 19

    “Next day he was drunk, and he went to Judge Thatcher’s and bullyragged him, and tried to make him give up the money; but he couldn’t, and then he swore he’d make the law force him.”

    • Good analysis! I like how you recognized why Huck’s dad was mad at him for going to school, although I would urge you to push it one step further. On top of your already good analysis you can bring in outside information like what the society was like during that time period and historical events of that same period to strengthen your analysis. Good Work!

    • The relationship between him and his father is definitely not a good one. If this were to happen today Huck would have been taken away from his father. This just goes to show the change of time and what was accepted back then vs today.

    • The relationship and the example he sets for his son is very poor. I feel like in our school we don’t get to see this very much. It is still a big downside to society and it is something that needs to be looked for more often. All it is going to do is make the kids of the next generation follow in their father’s footsteps.

    • I also wrote about Huck’s abusive father. I like how the quote you chose actually gave an example of the father’s personality. The quote I chose was more about the Judge’s opinion of the father.

    • I definitely agree with your analysis. Huck Finn’s relationship between his father wasn’t very good. You have chose very good quote, which gives good details about Pap, Huck’s father, characteristics.

  • I believe that people should follow their own beliefs and not let peer pressure persuade that. I feel that people should do what they think is right and be strong when expressing their beliefs. In today’s society,

    • This is a very good and very true post. My class does that same game with the agree or disagree and I have to admit that i do sometimes just follow the crowd. It is truly important that people start to realize that they have to make their own decisions. This is very true when it comes to bigger things like going out instead of studying for a big test, people need to look at what is gonna benefit them the most and not care so much about what others are doing. I feel this could be said in politics too. People will vote for a person just because that is what others around them are voting for. Young kids in our generation need to make our own thought and our own choices.

    • Tuan, I think your topic is very important these days. It is very easy to get peer pressured by friends and it can influence in very positive or negative ways. I really liked your example students just following the crowed when we were playing agree and disagree game. I was also peer pressured by classmates at that time, because I didn’t wanted to be the only one in either side.

    • Dear Tuan,
      I am intrigued by your post because I totally agree with you. I also feel that we should all be allowed to express our own opinion without people contradicting what we say or what we do. However, regarding the Donald Trump issue you mentioned, your actions say a lot about who you are and the people wouldn’t “hate” him if his actions weren’t so…uneducated. One thing you said that stands out for me is “people should follow their own beliefs and not let peer pressure persuade that.” I think this is very necessary because people do what the majority of the population does, regardless of being wrong. Your post reminds me of the women’s march, because of your picture but also because during this day women speak and do as they please while going against sexism without the fear of being judged. Thanks for your project I look forward to seeing what you write next because these types of posts really interest me.

    • Dear Tuan:

      I am surprised with your article Don’t Let Peer Pressure Persuade your Opinions and Beliefs,” because of how much I relate to it, as I have witnessed many people crack under peer pressure, much like the way your classmates did. 

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The one way to move our society in the right direction is by supporting our beliefs and opinions with facts and evidence to show people that we have a point.” I think this is a wise decision because someone who supports the majority for that sole reason may or may not believe in it, and people who see that will se that person negatively, as if they cannot think for themselves and don’t have an intelligent mind. 

      Another sentence that I reflected on  was: Many people didn’t like him because of this reason but also a decent majority of people were against him because that was the “popular” decision and they didn’t want to be shamed in supporting him. ” This stood out for me because it showed me how some people are able to stand up for what they believe in no matter what and how some people can’t and are ashamed of who they are.
      I do agree with you that peer pressure is a bigger issue than it may seem. One reason I say this is that some people who always follow the crowd won’t be able to think for themselves when they will have to. Another reason I agree with you is simply because you highlight the importance of standing up for what you believe in, something that not a lot of people can do.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because based on what I have read, you are not afraid to say what you feel you have to say, which open’s up one’s eyes to reality.

    • I completely agree with you. It is important that people have their own beliefs and stick to them if they believe they are right, and that they don’t cave and give in to people around them who disagree with them. It is important that people form their own opinions based on their own intellectual analysis of any particular issue and that they stay true to themselves and to their beliefs and not abandon their beliefs because theirs other people around them who disagree with them. It is important that people always have their their own opinions and don’t go along with the crowd. It is important that people always think for themselves and use their own analysis to form their opinions and not what other people think.

  • Tuan commented on the post, Climate Change 2 years, 7 months ago

    Asha, I totally agree with the idea that we should be more careful with our actions. I think that we should definitely take our actions more seriously because most of the things that we do, effect the earth in a positive or negative way.

  • I really like your work on Nutrition because I think it is really informative and has lots of important information that people need to know.

  • Brandon, I totally agree with what you wrote and how minimum wage shouldn’t be raised higher. I think that raising minimum wages would cause more problems than what it’s fixing.

  • Dear Future President,

    Today, zoos are visited by many people because they want to examine the rare and endangered animals the zoo has to offer. Recently, a silverback gorilla named Harambe was shot at the

    • Caleb replied 3 years ago

      R.I.P Harambe

    • Yes it was not Harambe’s fault,You really shouldn’t shoot a gorilla because a 👶 got into a “well-made” cage.you should get the 👶 out of that cage.

    • Eli replied 3 years ago

      Rest in peace harambe you will be missed #slopeisforharambe

    • San replied 3 years ago

      Dear Tuan
      I am very enraged about the problem that you were focus on, “Zoo regulations and security.” because lack of responsibilities just killed Harambe.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “If you really believe in the health and security of the people and the animals at the zoo, then you will add stricter regulation to prevent any type of situation similar to this from happening again.”I think this is a heartfelt comment for the government because it’s time to make a real “well-made” cage, to protect not only the animals but also people. They shouldn’t have killed a life because of human errors.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your ideas are very stand out for me.

    • Yes that is true

    • Eli replied 3 years ago

      Rest is peace harambe

    • Tyler replied 3 years ago

      Rest in spaghetti never forgetti

    • Such a shame that Harambe had to die. Should’ve stepped up their zoo regulations.

    • Rip harame

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