• In my research I have consulted an abundance of various sources and articles, developed new aspects to add to my essay and further expanded my topic.  I’ve made many improvements; I have found articles with fa

  • Gun control seems to be a very relevant and controversial topic in our national affairs.  Gun control is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use

    • I totally agree with everything you are talking about. People shouldn’t use violence for everything, they should’t use it at all.

    • Dear,Luke
      I am impressed of your post “gun control inquiry, because a lot of students or kids don’t get to talk about this information. Also I believe some people should have a gun but they need to go through a proces.One part of your post that reminded me of something of my past is that my uncle had a gun but not just for protection but he would also mess around. Your post is really amazing I can’t wait to read some more of your work.

    • Dear Luke,
      I am glad to hear, that you are informing people about gun control in the United States. It is a very big topic in todays society. Shootings are becoming a more common occurrence in this country and no one thinks they are safe anymore. Our federal government is not doing anything to make changes for the better because they are being paid to say what companies want to hear. It is sad but it is the truth, Here is a link I believe can help you research this topic into more detail https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2848468/

  • I have a small shih tzu dog that greets me at home everyday and I can validate that I do feel the urge to pick her up and force her to cuddle with me for my own comfort. She doesn’t liked being picked up at first but she definitely enjoys the comfort.

  • Hello Sage. I love your thought provoking article. As a high school student I took three years of Spanish, and absolutely enjoyed it. By not only learning the languages of new countries we are also exposed to the different dialects, customs, religions, and ways of life that come with it. Being able to speak fluent in different dialects allows…[Read more]

  • I love how your solution! I totally agree we should collaborate together as a nation, understand our differences and backgrounds, and make decisions for the better of us.

  • Hello Adelle!
    I have to say I loved your piece, it was a very well written out and supported argument. I can agree that the visual arts relieve stress during the school day. With increased funding on the arts students can learn and grow smarter, and acknowledge how exceptional the arts are. I play the Cello on a daily basis, for it is an escape…[Read more]

  • It seems that many adults and students seem to disregard sleep during the week days and stay up late doing various tasks for assessment or studying. As students we procrastinate and finish assignments very late at night. I definitely agree a solution to this problem is to bring more awareness to how crucial sleep is in our daily lives, and how…[Read more]

  • As history shows man has endured and overcome many diseases and illnesses. These diseases have killed many people and caused many to suffer. Most of these diseases have been cured do to man’s medical research.

    • Hi Luke, I found this to be a very interesting essay. It is so sad to see animals treated poorly for the benefit of us, I understand it is vital to helping everyone though as well. Hopefully soon in the future we can find an alternate way to do this.

  • People are guaranteed rights of equality in the amendments. To protest a demonstration peacefully such as taking a knee during the national anthemn is definitely legal. But is it okay? In my opinion, absolutely not. To kneel down towards our national flag is to disrespect it, and all the good we stand for as a country. For football players…[Read more]

  •              The English language consists of many disparate and creative words, many of which we use on a daily basis.  When it comes to one single word, my favorite is simply; faith.  A word with powerful

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