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    LOVE the comment Charcox

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    I liked the way that this is written. You have a very intriguing intro. Not only is the writing style nice to read but also the content itself is chalk full of awesome stuff about you. Reading about your whole history and heritage in your family is thrilling. I also loved when you talked about how you love art and theatre. It shows how complex one…[Read more]

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    I am Lainie Himebaugh, I am a dedicated swimmer, water polo player, and leader in the chieftain marching band. I have been a swimmer since first grade and a water polo player since sixth grade. I work very hard

    • Hi Lainie!
      Your bio paragraphs are very powerful and give me a great insight on yourself. I especially like you last paragraph because I completely agree with you. Tagging is an art form, people express themselves through the actions they do and things they create. Tagging may be frowned upon because of “destruction” however I think you have to look at the art from a different perspective. INstead of seeing it as vandalism one must look it as art, and then they might be able to find the beauty behind it.

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    I loved this article and reading about your history!

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