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    Almost all words are equal. I believe that nearly every word should have equal usage, no matter their spelling or length. Certain words get a bad rap because of the way they’ve been used in the past, or because

    An Argument For Swear Words

    Almost all words are equal. I believe that nearly every word should have equal usage, no matter their spelling or length. Certain words get a bad rap because of the way they've been used in the past, or because...

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    • Hi Andrew I think that this is a really good piece the only problem is that we do not swear in school to prepare ourselves for the real professional world. The purpose of education is to prepare children for the real world and swearing is not tolerated in professional discourse. Some swear words do contain powerful meanings but for the vast majority of students using them in their careers will only be detrimental.

    • Hi Andrew,

      You have an interesting point of view. I’ve heard of arguments for the use of swear words but never in this way. You also have nice depth into your views and a strong voice in your writing. I have to disagree with you however. I believe we should have swear words. Just because they are “bad” they caring more meaning and can spice things up. I also believe that there is a sense of respect that goes with them as well. When speaking to a teacher, boss, or elder family member, there is a certain respect that can be given when not using fowl words. What you are implying is a big social shift that I don’t see happening very soon… Interesting idea though. I would be careful when challenging this social contracts though.


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    Andrew commented on the post, Paper Towns

    This is a great book and I hope you enjoy it! I would also recommend Looking For Alaska also by John Green and the Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban.

  • Hey Surako,
    I think this: should be a good link to help with your research. I hope to see what you write about this topic soon!

  • Natalie,
    I definitely agree that many people take “being PC” way too far. I think the chieftain head is a great example of that. The reality of our world is that we have much greater issues present than someone being offended by something someone said that wasn’t intended to harm. There are much better things out there that we should be focusing…Read More

  • Cami,
    I really love the fact that stuff like this is coming more into the light and being more accepted by society. I think these are people that need equality and have a tough time in society as it is, so getting this figured out will be a huge step forward. I think there are many ways these problems can be resolved, even as simple as adding in a…Read More

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