• Abby you have inspired me. The women march is a very powerful march, because it brings lots of people together. Sop others can hear what we have to say. I also think they should be more marches, because with more marches, and more people lots of more people would be able to hear us. Also would have their own oppinion. I look forward on what you…[Read more]

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  • Dear Future President of the United States,

    Congratulations on being the new president. An important issue that I care about is immigration. Immigration is a major issue in our country. I think this because they

    • Dear Hiromi your post stands out to me because they’re are a lot of immigrants coming to this country and my family members are immigrants too. I also came here to have a better life/future over here, and I hope other people who read your post can see that. Thanks for sharing your writing. I hope you right more topics/ideas you have, because this was a really good topic to talk about!

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