• Quan,
    I love the rhythm that you have written into this poem. I think a lot of kids who are tossed in to a new school also struggle with finding where they fit in. You make a good point in just finding who you are and being yourself. If you try to change yourself and be like everyone else you are not going to feel comfortable in your own body. If…[Read more]

  • Cole commented on the post, ISO Giovanni 2 years, 5 months ago

    I love this poem and your choice of adjectives that describe the different elements in a season. My favorite line is “flowers resurrected an animals awaken” it makes me thing of a bear breaking out of its den after a “frigid winter”. Great job!!

  • I agree with you that women should be paid equal to men, not only in the medical field but in any sort of work place. Women are capable of doing the exact thing as men in todays time and age. I find it interesting how women are paid more in the field of radiology compared to men but paid less in other fields. After all of the excruciating work and…[Read more]

  • Cole Hetrick

    I.S.O Giovanni

    Alaskan River


    The river rushed between my legs

    while i looked around

    to see the flash of trout

    beneath me

    and off in the distance

    a large splash

    as a

    • Hey Cole! I really enjoyed reading your poem. While looking up at the bear and then continuing to read your poem, I felt like I was watching this encounter in the wild unfold myself! I really like this writing, it’s simple but meaningful. If you ever feel like publishing a poem here’s a website that has more information that you should look into: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/submit

    • Hey Cole,
      I enjoyed your poem. I always love reading poems about nature, especially from perspectives of animals and plants. I think these poems help somewhat connect us to organisms we always see yet not really understand what they go through. I would love to read more poems!

    • This is a really great poem Cole. Very relaxing and vivid. It reminds me of this website (explore.org) that has webcams of bears fishing for salmon in Alaska. Obviously the bears are hibernating right now, but it’s fun to watch in the warmer months. Great work, I look forward to more.

    • Cole,
      This is a very good poem. It really allows me to visualize the picture that you are presenting. It really allowed me to see the bear fishing within the river. This was a very good poem and I think that you have the ability to write a number of more poems as good as this one.
      Good work,

  • Dear Legislature


    A very important issue in our society that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the gender pay gap. Women in America earn about 20% less than men right now earning 77 cents for every dollar th

  • My group and I are learning that people are not getting equal pay because of the gender of the person. We are finding out the the history of why there is not equal pay. We found out the women get paid around 20%

  • Jordan and I are going to discover the effects, causes, and reasons for the pay gap.


    Why does the pay gap exist?

    What makes it an Issue?

    Why hasn’t it been fixed in today’s world?

    How has the Pay Gap

  • Growing up without a parent’s definitely makes it hard to have a solid base. Parents are there to guide you in the decisions that you are making throughout your life. If someone were to grow up and have no contact or guidance what they do is going to be way different then someone growing in a family. Huck Beinging a white boy at first didn’t…[Read more]

  • Great Post however I agree with Dinakar, throughout the story he is still not wanting to be civilized. What he has grown up around is what he knows. The ending is also him just leaving and again not wanted to be a civil person. He definitely has grown and the way he makes decisions just not the decision that he has made to not be civil.


    “He was thinking about his wife and his children, away up yonder, and he was low and homesick; because he hadn’t ever been away from home before in his life; and I do believe he cared just as much for his

  • The relationship between him and his father is definitely not a good one. If this were to happen today Huck would have been taken away from his father. This just goes to show the change of time and what was accepted back then vs today.

  • I probably take way too much advantage over my opportunities. In other countries such as Vietnam a lot of the stuff that I do here I wouldn’t be able to do there such as go to school and actually get a valuable education. America is the land of opportunity and that is why people seek refugee here to flee the troubles at home.

  • Definitely. If you go into something thinking you are going to fail or you don’t think you know the material you are most likely going to fail but if you take something and tell yourself I’ve got his or I can do this you are going to do better.

  • I agree with everything everyone has said. This time period was a time where it was okay to beat people and punish your children for not listening. Huck shows that he is big and strong enough to no longer fear his father.

  • Day 2
    Chapters 6 – 8

    Huckleberry Finn was planning and executing an escape from the cabin that his father had trapped him in. His Father was an abusive man who had no respect for his son and used his son

  • I believe in the importance of family. Every day we go home to a group of people and often don’t acknowledge their importance. As a high school student, it would be very difficult to make it without my parents.

    • Dear Cole,
      I agree with you that family is really important. Family is important because without them we wouldn’t have clothes or food. They work really hard just to take care of us. They also work a lot to get money so that they could get us food and important things that we need. I agree with you that many parents end up losing a lot of money and that they make a lot of sacrifices just to make us happy.

    • Hi Cole, This is a great essay. I agree that family is one of the most important things in life because they help you through everything. The sacrifice that families make for each other is not countable but it makes a great impact on our lives and our futures.

    • Cole,
      This is a beautiful piece of writing. I can really tell how much you admire your mother and rightfully so, it sounds like she’s wonderful. I feel the same way about my mom who also worked long days and multiple jobs to get us what we need. Thanks for sharing:)

    • cole,
      i agree that family is really important. Something you said that stood out to me was “her accomplishments shaped me.”
      This stood out because it helped me realize that it is important to appreciate, but easy to underestimate, the work family does for us.

    • I really like how you realized the importance of family at a young age. I realized it at a young age and I had to go through my parents having a divorce and having to how much it killed my dad to not be with her anymore. I distanced myself from my family because I had no interest to talk to them but soon I realized that family is all you have. Your friends won’t give you that rent money if your in need of it but your family will help with no hesitation because that’s what family did so no matter how close I was to my friends or how much I liked them more than my family members I realized that my family was with me from the start so they are going to be with me in the end and I see the stuff that happened to me and the stuff that went through my head in this essay and it’s really touching that you had were able to get through it and accomplish many things.

  • Do you think this has gotten better since the president was elected?

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