• In the story Born A Crime written by Trevor Noah, we learn about his stepfather Abel. Abel was a drunk, abusive, and insecure man. Despite everything Trevor’s mom still laid down and had another baby with him. They still survived all his hardships and trials. However, the question is does, Born A Crime do an effective job of illustrating d…[Read more]

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    Estimado Raul:

    gracias por tu escritura estoy asombrado “Drones” por la tecnologías de estos drones para ayudarnos a compartir enemigos con una alta rama de alcance.

  • So for the centro idea in Holocaust Rescuers reminds me of something I see hier was that president they fought to stay like president. There or thing happening they say that vote for me  and they are going to be

    • Estimado Heriberto Cardenas

      Me parece muy interesante su publicación espero que sigas haciendo mas de tas escrituras . 😊😊

  • So far the central idea in CONFLICT IN THE AMERICAN WEST It reminds me something i saw in a movie  always they had a lot of wars for things that did not want  the soldiers they don’t what relations and the peo

    • Hi Heriberto,
      War is such a powerful topic. I’d like to hear more about how religion is involved in the war that you are reading about.

      Ms. Navarro

  • So far the central idea in Paul Revere and the American Revolution reminds me of a movie I see on television. In the revolution there were many wars fighting other small cities. “He recorded the shooting and many

  • So far, the central idea in Afforestation of Trees reminds  me of the world because every time I tear a leaf out of my notebook, I remember cutting a tree was necessary to use this notebook. Also, when I start

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