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    Hasta ahora el trama en Sea Life ay animales en el mar que a veces mueren porque nosotros los humanos no cuidamos el océano. Me recuerda a esto porque en mi país las personas no cuidan el océano ni los pe

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    Hasta ahora  la tram en TSUNAMI  me recuerda a mi mundo. La trama me recuerda a esto porque en venezuela tan bien pasó un TSUNAMI y murió mucha gente inocente. Y mi libro se me hizo similar  al país de venez

  • So far the plot The Long Road Home reminds me of the dunes of the state of Mexico that there is no. The plot reminds me of this because almost all hunters kill deer. This is similar to the book because sometimes

  • So far, the canine helpers plot reminds me of something I experience from a dog. Something that happened to me is that I bit a dog in the right leg is something similar to the book because it is the most dangerous

  • So far the plot in Underwater Animals reminds me of something that happened in my community because in my community the animals of the ocean are also dying. The plot reminds me because in the community people

    • Estimado Heriberto:

      Estoy muy feliz por tu publicación, “Underwater Animals”, porque me gusta que le abras los ojos a las persona, de que se den cuenta de lo que están haciendo. De que vean que los animales no son objetos son seres vivos igual que nosotros.

      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es: “The animals are in danger of extinction”. Creo que esto es triste porque los animales no merecen ser lastimados. Y además los animales se están extinguiendo por culpa de los humano.

      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque me gusta que hables de los animales, ya que son muy importantes en nuestra vida porque sin ellos no existieramos haci de facil. Además las personas no saben que por culpa de los humanos hay muchos animales en extinción y si no hacemos algo también nos extinguiremos nosotros.

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    Dear: Alberto

    I am amazed by your publication "Racing Cars," because I learned how hard the expensive ones can be and how they can be. I learned so well that cars need to be able to walk. I also learned that they are as fast as horses. A phrase that you wrote that stands out for me is: "Cars are the same as horses because they almost have…[Read more]

  • In the story Born A Crime written by Trevor Noah, we learn about his stepfather Abel. Abel was a drunk, abusive, and insecure man. Despite everything Trevor’s mom still laid down and had another baby with him. They still survived all his hardships and trials. However, the question is does, Born A Crime do an effective job of illustrating d…[Read more]

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    Estimado Raul:

    gracias por tu escritura estoy asombrado “Drones” por la tecnologías de estos drones para ayudarnos a compartir enemigos con una alta rama de alcance.

  • So for the centro idea in Holocaust Rescuers reminds me of something I see hier was that president they fought to stay like president. There or thing happening they say that vote for me  and they are going to be

    • Estimado Heriberto Cardenas

      Me parece muy interesante su publicación espero que sigas haciendo mas de tas escrituras . 😊😊

  • So far the central idea in CONFLICT IN THE AMERICAN WEST It reminds me something i saw in a movie  always they had a lot of wars for things that did not want  the soldiers they don’t what relations and the peo

    • Hi Heriberto,
      War is such a powerful topic. I’d like to hear more about how religion is involved in the war that you are reading about.

      Ms. Navarro

  • So far the central idea in Paul Revere and the American Revolution reminds me of a movie I see on television. In the revolution there were many wars fighting other small cities. “He recorded the shooting and many

  • So far, the central idea in Afforestation of Trees reminds  me of the world because every time I tear a leaf out of my notebook, I remember cutting a tree was necessary to use this notebook. Also, when I start

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