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    My favorite word is honest because I do not like when people lie to me or are not telling me the truth. Nobody would want a friend that lies over and over to you about everything. I want to be friends with someone

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  • My group and I are learning that people are not getting equal pay because of the gender of the person. We are finding out the the history of why there is not equal pay. We found out the women get paid around 20%

  • I totally agree with your point on that he comes from a lower social class. You can tell through out the book that he has troubles talking and understanding people. But Widow Douglas though out the first couple charters of the book tries to help Huck to understand the real world. She tries to discipline Huck and tries to tell him what is right and…[Read more]

  • I really like how you were talking about how Huck never really had a real family. So Huck just bounced around from family to family. I think that is an important part on why he has grown. He got a family with Widow Douglas and so Huck had some discipline he had to follow. I also liked the part you put in there about how Huck treated Jim as…[Read more]

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    Is Mark Twain Racist?

    I don’t think Mark Twain is racist. He is just using the words that people used back then. He does not want to change the words that they used to make them sound not racist. Throughout the b

    • Jordan, I definitely agree on this statement that Mark Twain was not racist. All the points you have addressed I think are true and I have the same thinking behind it all. Mark Twain was not a fan of slavery so that further proves your point that he isn’t racist. 🙂

    • Hi Jordan, I agree that Mark Twain was not racist he was just trying to give context to the time and how african americans were addressed. Twain allowed his readers be exposed to the real reality of how African Americans were treated. I think that it is better to show the audience the truth instead of just hiding the real facts. Do you think it was important for Twain to include the word in order for the audience to get the true experience for what was occurring during this time.?

  • I really agree with you. People don’t spend time doing much stuff anymore. They just want to get their work done. They don’t care if it is sloppy or bad. They want to get the job done. I really think this is a good post. You should go more in depth with your writing and explain more.

  • I totally agree with you on discrimination. I wrote about the same thing. I wrote about how the black teen got killed by the police man in Texas. I encourage you to check it out. I think your essay is really good. I want you to explore more of this topic.

  •   I stand for equality for every race.In a society right now we are not diverse as we can be. An example would be the police officer killing a black teen in Texas. In the state of Texas there has been over 300

  • Everyone in America should be treated the same no matter your race or your culture. I have seen people being bullied or teased because of the color of their skin. It doesn’t make sense for people to get b

    • Dear Jordan,
      While I see where you’re coming from, and yes, stereotypes can come off as offensive, I see your argument as quite underwhelming. Personally, I don’t think stereotypes should be taken to heart, I honestly think they’re hilarious. However, a lot of much more serious cases of racism actually occur in our country, such as mass murders over the simple fact that they don’t a specific race. So, you, and others should not feel objectified over simple words, because at the end of the day, they’re just words, and it’s up to you to decide if the words should affect you.  

  • Hello Abdullah, I find it interesting too that they talk about hiding a dead body at the start of the story. But I feel like that is a great intro to start the book.It really wants the reader the read more of the story. I don’t know Huck wants to be like Tom so much. It keeps getting him in trouble. But at one point I think he will learn his lesson.

  • Hello Minne, I am liking this book a lot so far. When you were talking about how her ways were negative towards the window, do you think she will still be negative towards them? I think this is going to get more interesting in the future. I just want to hear more about Jim and how people treat him.

  • Hello Zachary, I agree with you on that “relax mindset is a good mindset.” With sports especially basketball you can’t have a negative mindset playing. If you have a bad mindset your jump shot will not go in. You wouldn’t be confident to dribble past defenders and score on them. Once you have a negative the game is over for you. This is why having…[Read more]

  • I totally agree that friendships leads to happiness. Without my friends I wouldn’t know what to do or how to make stuff decisions. Some friends can be very helpful to us like guide you to picking the right college or the right job. But then there are friends or could leave us down the wrong pass that make bad decisions with us. So I would advise…[Read more]

  • In the first couple chapters Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer find $12,000 in a cave.  They decided to keep the money and save it. Then the kids meet Jim. He is the slave in the book. Then Tom Sawyer decide to start a

    • Jordan, thank you for sharing this piece. I really like the simplicity of this and how you introduce the very beginning of the novel. Keep up the good work!

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  • good piece, I’m your secret writing pal.

  • I think police brutality is a serious topic. But people don’t think it is a big topic. I agree with you that it is has lead to more violent and causing more issues. When need someone to stop police brutality and I think that needs to be the next president. I agree with you that most of the victims are african americans and needs to be fixed. I…[Read more]

  • I agree with people are still racist in the United States. But it is so hard to stop racism all the way because they are people that are always going to be racist. I agree with you on no one should be denied something because of the way they look or the race they are. I loved everything you have said in your post. I just think it will take time…[Read more]

  • I think gun control needs to be addressed because I don’t think just anyone should have a gun. There are little requirements for people to having a gun and that is bothering. That is why we are having all these shootings today in this world. I know some people don’t have a gun permit but they still have guns. So I am so confused on what to do.…[Read more]

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