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    Political Clickbait Media

    In the middle of a tense politically polarising election, it is important to reflect upon the differences in political workings between today's age of technology and the past. Political campaigns and supporters alike use social media to push personal...

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    • Really interesting post Henry. I always thought social media was unanimously a good thing. But taking a closer look would show a different, more manipulative side of it. I found the sentence where you said “according to The Pew Research Center 68 percent of Americans get their news from social media” to be quite worrying. The internet cannot be controlled for the most part, and so people can post whatever they want whenever they want. And this kind of uncontrollable nature can be very dangerous, especially when choosing future political officials. I can imagine people would post lies or slander a person to further an agenda. This not only hurts the person being slandered but everyone who needs clear information to make the best decision for themselves and their peers.
      – Alvaro

    • I agree with you the social media is part of politics and can lead to people thinking everything is true on social media. However, there is also a positive, since is all social media is all around us and people are talking about this election people are starting to know to get to learn about politics and what is going on.

    • Henry, I like how you describe and show people that you need to think about a lot things, taking one step at a time.

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    I think it’s interesting to think about the connection between how Americans value the idea of an individual and America’s capitalistic society. I think the “American dream” has warped peoples idea of a success story and being a successful self-made individual is the standard in today’s culture.

  • I agree with you it is a hard time to be an athlete. I think its important to realize how much we miss things when they are gone and reflect that in gratitude when we have them. I hope we can have some spring sports this year because my spring season was cut short after only two games.


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Political Clickbait Media

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