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Is Video Games a Sport?

In the article “IS Video Games a Sport” is about two intellectual, MASON MULLENIOUX and ALEXANDRA COATES, giving the opinion-whether or not video games is a sport or not. The gaming world has grown drastically with fans and also grabbing people’s attention. There is even a League of champion of World Champions which is gamers competing to see who is the greatest […]

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Do We Need Stricter Gun Laws?

In the article “Do We Need Stricter Gun Laws” is about two intellectuals, Dylan Arya and Erich Pratt, give their opinions whether or not there should be stricter gun laws. In the past there have been horrible incidents that people have been killed or injured due to guns. To decrease gun shooting many believe that stricter gun laws will be […]

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Should Cashless Buisnesses Be Banned?

In the article “Should Cashless Businesses Be Banned” is about two intellectuals, Ritchie Torres and Stephanie Martz, who give their opinion whether or not cashless businesses should be banned. Throughout the years many businesses have too been accepting cash and only accepting card. In Massachusetts there has been a law that businesses has to accept cash. A New York Policy […]

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Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Foods a Good Idea?

In the article “Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Foods a Good Idea?” is about two experts, Frances Fleming-Milici and Guy Bentley, giving their opinions whether to put warning labels on unhealthy foods or not. Obesity rates have increased and many experts have a way to stop that. They want to put warning labels on food with high levels of sugar, […]

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Should the Penny Be Eliminated?

In the article “Is It Time to Eliminate the Penny?” two intellectuals Robert Whaples and Mark Weller who give their opinions on whether or not the penny should be eliminated. In the U.S. it is known that pennies are being minted more than nickels, dimes, and quarters. This is a problem because pennies are made up of zinc which is […]

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Should Covid Vaccines Be Mandatory?

In the article “Should Covid Vaccines Be Mandatory?”, two intellectuals, W. Ian Lipkin and Michael Cannon, who have knowledge of medicine give their opinions whether or not the vaccine should be mandatory. The U.S. has approved the vaccination of Covid in December and has gave it to health care workers first. The vaccination might resolve the pandemic. Lipkin believes that […]

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Young and Unemployed

In the article “Young and Unemployed” by Liz Alderman and Geneva Abdul, they talk about how many young people in Europe are moving back in with their parents or making tough choices due to the pandemic. This is not only happening in Europe but also in America and China where the young people are also struggling to find jobs. Alderman […]

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The Race For A Vaccine

In the article “The race For A Vaccine” by Patricia Smith writes about scientists are desperately trying to create a vaccine for COVID. COVID-19 affected the world and has hit the U.S. the hardest. The number of people being affected and killed keep rising. Not only has the virus affected the people but also the economy since business had to […]

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What the Internet Really Knows About You

In the article “What the Internet Really Knows About You” by Zeynep Tufekci is about how you have to be careful what you share on the internet. Your electronic device can figure out who you are without you ever posting something. Your device can infer your political beliefs if you subscribe to a certain magazine. Not only can they tell […]

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Should America Still Welcome Immigrants?

In the article “Should America Still Welcome Immigrants?” by Wendy Feliz and Congressman Paul Gosar inform others if immigrants should be welcomed in America or not. Felix writes that America should welcome immigrants and her reason was that America should since it was built by immigrants. Immigrants build a business, feed the nation, raise a family, and build homes. Gosar […]

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Are you considered an adult when you turn 18?

In the article “When are you really an adult?” by Patricia Smith and Veronica Majerol is that in America at 18 you are considered adult but there are certain activities  that you can be enabled to do. At the age of 18 is when you are able to drive, vote, be on jury, and can volunteer to serve for the […]

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Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?

Many people that believe that smart phones are making us stupid and others believe that smartphones is actually really helpful. There are people that say instead of doing something useful with our smartphones we are just posting silly content on our social media apps. Also, we focus more on our own lives and not looking on what is happening in […]

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Would You Want Your Country To Have Nuclear Weapons or Abolish Them?

In World War 2 the U.S. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed thousands of people and was the world’s first nuclear bomb. The bombings led to an end of World War 2 and made the world a more dangerous place. During World War 2 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President FDR warning the US that Germany was developing a […]

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