• Heidi
I Remember… View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • April 19, 2021

Dear Kaimea, I was really intrested in your poem because I can relate to you. I relate to you on certain things like watching PBS kids in the morning while I was getting ready for school. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was "I remember...

Students & The Pandemic View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • March 1, 2021

I am fascinated by your article "Students and the Pandemic" because I also agree that many teens have changed so much because of the pandemic since they were at home all the time. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was "The young teens and adults...

Body positivity View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • February 15, 2021

Dear Melody, I love your poem, "Body Positivity" because it shows that all bodies are beautiful. One sentence that stood out to me was "who are you to tell me how I should be". I think that no one should tell people what they think they should do with...

Dear Julia, I really enjoyed reading your post, "An Explanation To Lucid Dreaming" because it's an interesting topic. Also, I have tried to control my dreams but I couldn't. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was "Though it may be difficult to stay asleep once...

Fitting In: Wonder View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • January 13, 2021

I enjoyed reading your article because I have read the book and have seen the movie. I also agree that it was touching and sad at times throughout the book. One sentence that stood out for me was, "The tension rises on Halloween when Auggie is wearing the scream...

Dear Jessica, I am interested in your post "The Power of Language in Music" because I sometimes don't even listen to the words of a song. I agree that music is a way of how people communicate how they feel. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for...

Dear Megan, I am impressed with your essay because I didn't think that an FBI agent would ever empathy a killer. Also, I never realized that FBI agents deal with horrifying cases. One sentence that stands out for me is "It is very difficult to sympathize and empathize with...

Dear Nicolette, I am understand about your concern about the virus by your post "Covid-19 cases rising among US children as schools reopen" because its a new dangerous virus that we all don't really know about. I personally don't think that opening schools is a big problem because the...

Dear Sarah I am surprised about your writing "How has COVID affected developing countries?" because I didn't know that developed countries got all resources to protect themselves from the virus while developing countries didn't. Developing countries should be getting the most help since their healthcare lacks resources. One sentence that...

Gun violence View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • September 21, 2020

Dear Robert, I can agree with you by enforcing a strict law towards guns because there has been so many incidents about innocent people being killed by guns. I also agree that it should be a lot harder to be able to own a gun. One sentence you wrote that...

Car Accidents View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • August 29, 2020

Dear Jennifer, I am not surprised by your post "Car Accidents", because so many people have driven while being intoxicated and end up causing an accident. There have been people who are not aware of their surroundings because they are on their cell phones. Speed Driving is so dangerous that...

Martin Luther King, Jr View Comment
  • @Heidi
  • August 25, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. is an important person to the world because he has fought for civil rights and equality for all. The fact that so many people showed up for the famous speech that he has done and it has impacted on many. He wishes that everyone sees...

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