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  • Dear Frankey,
    I am appealed by your post “Was killing the only way?” because it is about a well-known controversy that is still talked about to this day. This conversation about the Harambe incident always appeals to me so I enjoyed hearing your take on this.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me was when you asked at the very end if I thi…Read More

  • Dear Patricia:

    I am impressed by your post, “Teenagers nowadays drive while using the phone,” because it is so well-rounded about how teens now don’t have any self-regard for their actions. Especially when it comes to something as important as driving because being able to drive is a huge responsibility and the teens who text while drivi…Read More

  • Dear Monica,

    I am very interested in your post, “Should school offer to the students take a nap during school time?”, because it’s amazing how a school in New Mexico does a nap time for their students during school hours and how these naps can help make student work better and help students brain to learn more.

    One sentence that stood out t…Read More

  • Dear Angel

    I’m into your post “have we become too reliant on technology?” because it’s true that people hardly leave their phones and are hardly seen leaving them. Technology has become a part of our daily life more and more. The new things and new technology in our phones or some kind of technology. our phones and technology have been more i…Read More

  • Hector commented on the post, Driverless Cars?

    Dear Fernando:

    The talk about the possibility of driverless cars is very interesting.

    One sentence that stands out that can be positive that there will be driverless cars is “I believe that having a driverless automobile would be beneficial since I am familiar with numerous scenarios where individuals are driving home late at night and…Read More

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