• Nowadays the best way to communicate is through the web, which offers an unlimited number of information from all over the world and from endless sources, but not every piece of information available on the web is

  • Nowadays, our country has terrorist threats once in a while and more often than we expect. That’s why the U.S government allows the National Security Agency(NSA) to look over messages, texts, phone calls, and e

    • Hector,
      I agree with your little assertion that there is a very thin line between the Government protecting us, and being Big Brother. However, the Government may invade our privacy, but they don’t make a profit off of it. Facebook and Google likely know more about you than your close friends and family. Facebook and Google make money by selling all the information they have on you. They sell our information to companies that then do very planned advertising. Facebook uses advanced algorithms to help determine a plethora of factors that they can then combine into a package of all the information on you. Their algorithms can determine more about you than you would think. They can determine your sexual orientation before you yourself are eve aware of it ( Julia, Angwin. Dragnet Nation; Ch 12). The level at which corporations like Google and Facebook collect and analyze our information and then sell it, is unprecedented. It might be scary to think about how much power the NSA has and how deep they go into our private lives, but they don’t do much with the information. Google and Facebook make Billions of dollars off our private information.
      Recommended videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pFX2P7JLwA&t=131s

    • Hector, you have certainly tapped into a hot issue. This is definitely an issue that is often overlooked in today’s society. I think it will be interesting to see how Trump’s ideas of “Law and Order” will affect the infringement on citizens’ rights to privacy. As it is, there is a lot of controversy as to how far the NSA should be able to go to try to find threats. Very well done!

    • I think it is crazy that we are watched even when we believe we are not. I agree with you Hector that there should be alternate ways of keeping track and protecting us but with privacy being applied. The real question is what could that way possibly be? How can we know who is on our side if don’t know what going one?

    • It’s pretty interesting that when we chose between privacy and security, we must sacrifice one for the the other. They can’t seem to coexist.

    • Hector, I’ve always wanted to do more research on how the government overseas all of our actions. I wonder if they can see everything we do, or do they just pick and choose random times at which they monitor our activities. The reality at hand here is that we, as citizens, don’t really know what the government is doing with our information and how they are doing it. All we know is that they are monitoring us. The line between keeping citizens safe and invasion of privacy is very thin in this case. I just want the government to come up with a technique of surveillance that doesn’t involve invasion of privacy.

    • Hector, I like your topic and I agree with your opinion on it. I believe that there is a line between privacy and protection, which the government violates profusely with agencies like the NSA. Do you know of any evidence that proves mass surveillance can prevent terrorism, because despite their “efforts”, terrorist attacks still occur within the United States.

  • HI Thaarini.
    I totally agree with you about all the benefits this science will provide us, all the diseases we can get rid of, and all the people we would save. I recommend you to focus on the negative side of it too: This science can lead to a massive amount of modified soldiers by altering the DNA of those soldiers. some may that it is unethical…[Read more]

  • Gary, I’m glad that you brought out this problem for discussion. I think we should focus on issues like this who, we don’t usually hear of a case, but there’s thousands of women that have to deal with it. I found a web page that might help you: http://16days.thepixelproject.net/16-ways-to-stop-domestic-violence-in-your-community/
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  • Ricardo, I respect your opinion about feminism. I won’t call you a not educated guy as the other people did, but I would recommend that you support your thinking with evidence or a little bit of facts, so we can know you are not making it up.
    Also as Olivia said, women are still fighting for their rights, especially in the labor sphere. The most…[Read more]

  • Hi Edgar, I share your feelings, I’m a Latino too. This is what I found:
    It is a web page where immigrants like us share their stories. I think that this is important because any statistic will reflect what we had experienced to be here.
    NOTE: There’s stories of all immigrants( from India, China, Kenya, etc) but most…[Read more]

  • I completely agree with you, build a wall seems irrelevant when we can contribute more to this country using those 12 billion in homeless people, food banks and schools. Also, the facts that you used are great and help us understand the other side of the coin, not only what Donald Trump make us believe. I hope that posts like this will lead to a…[Read more]