Thesis:  Some police in oakland are guilty of unfair crimes and aren’t held accountable


    In my opinion some police are nice and some are not and this is true because of interviews with  Oakland citizens and

    • Dear Heber
      I am surprised by your post Police Brutality because frankly you said things I never would have thought you would have said. one sentence you wrote was “When police are racist to people of color often no one else can do nothing about it because they are the authority and people don’t know their rights so they are afraid. The police are not being nice by using their authority unfairly and this causes shooting and brutality.” I think this is amazing because it shows what you think of the police and it especially the part as to when you sad the police use their authority to unfairly get out of cases that they should be arrested for because really it hit me and I just thought it was great just the authority and police mixed together with unfair that was awesome. Another sentence that I liked was “When the police treat people badly, the news reports it to the world so people in the world could have something to argue about.” the way you said that about the news completely hit me man that was good(A good point). Try to fix your typos and grammar errors in the edit though 😀 but I do agree on what you have to say about the police although I won’t have to agree with everything, there are police who actually do their jobs and don’t take advantage of their authority all the time so I think you should do a little more research on that too.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this was just interesting with your opinions. Also the fact that you interviewed the community specifically. Just keep doing this and I will be coming back :).

    • Dear Heber,

      Great research you have done regarding police brutality. Based on what I read, it shows you have very strong opinions about law enforcement. Although a lot of your points are valid, I must say not all police is looking to hurt minorities. Just like Sheriff Alfredo said, police officers have a lot on their hands and they need to do their best at protecting the community with the little information they are given. So they are stuck in a very tough situation, don’t you think? Maybe if we put ourselves in their shoes, we may have the same reaction? However, I do agree that because of the media displaying a lot of negativity regarding police officers, minority citizens live in fear and would rather not deal with the police when they are actually needed.

      Once again, great read! you really took your time to get information from different sources and that made your writing a more enjoyable read.