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The poem has this descriptive language that gives me an idea of the setting imagery. The description reminds me of an old town.

The poem having period at the ending sticks out to me. Usually there isn't much punctuation in poems. It is also interesting how it ends with it.

The tone of this paragraph gives a relaxed environment. There is something about Nebraska that can make people feel relaxed.

The Nebraska life

The quiet life.

Life in a different state.

She has had a character development this far into the book. She has grown more independent and confident

I like how although Fonny is in jail they still have an strong relationship. They are still able to keep the bond that they have.

Opinion: I find it interesting that they think she isn't in the country. There first though was that she fled the country.

Opinion: I was shocked when I first read this paragraph. It is very explicit paragraph.

I think Fonny has this relationship with Daniel that is noticeable to all. She notices this since she pays a lot of attention to him.

I find it nice how Tish's mother doesn't want Tish to give up. It shows the bond that Tish has with her mother.

It is really nice the Tish's family includes Fonny. It shows how nice Tish and her family are.

Fonny is a trustworthy person. He seems to be loyal as well.

They are talking about Tish and Fonny getting married. She is saying that the oldest should get married first.

It's nice that they still are happy together even if their family is disapproving of things in their relationship.

This makes me wonder if Fonny's family would have a change in mind about the baby. This baby is causing so drama in the family.


There is nothing that they can do to stop the birth of the child. Even if they don't like their child they would still have it.

Why does she disprove the relationship of Tish and Fonny so much can she leave them alone for a while.

How is anyone fine being told this. Is she aware of what she is saying.


It seems that he thinks that they won't be in good hands. He knows that something is going to happen to his son.



I think that this is a good message to convey to the others. It also shows us readers a little more of how the family is.

Was the unfair treatment at home noticeable to all? Was this treatment on purpose or was it not planned?

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