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  • Hanna commented on the post, 1984 plot analysis

    Honestly, I did not read 1984 but I always heard that it is a great book and I have been interested in it a lot. So reading your post about 1984 was great and especially your post is really well-described about the whole idea of human nature and power structure was intriguing. The part that when you said, “He is put at peace with being stripped of…Read More

  • I think that this is a really interesting topic to think about. I did not really realize that types of fishing affect the environment. Because of this post, I did a little research and found an interesting document that you should check out. Not just bottom trawling that you talked about but the article introduces more types of fishing that affect…Read More

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    What would you choose?- Wealth VS. Happiness

    Personally, I think I would choose wealth over happiness because since our modern-day is such a capitalistic society that without money, you cannot do anything and with money, you can do anything. So I thought that if I have...

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    • You brought up a lot of good points! I am and always will be on the side of wealth over happiness but you did a good job portraying the arguments and shutting down parts you may not agree with. Well done.

    • Dear Hanna,
      I really am amazed by the topic you chose to discuss about, it’s such a great question that truly makes you think twice. I especially liked how to gave information on both sides of the argument along with listing major points to it.

      A couple sentences that caught my eye was “A lot of people want to choose happiness when it comes to the point where they need to find a job or future career. If your interest is in a field of study that can lead you to wealth then perfect, but if not you might struggle with financial problems with the job that you chose because you like it.” This came to my attention because I have thought about that before, either choosing a career I would truly enjoy or being unhappy with a career I dislike but yet get good pay.

      I appreciate your writing, and hope to read more of it! It’s a topic everybody thinks about at some point in their life and is important.

      Yaslin Loera

  • Adam, your post really makes me think differently than I used to. As a non-American, I really liked how you mentioned that being American is to come together because since I came to this country all alone just to learn more cultures, I do feel neglected sometimes. But just by working hard and improving myself to be part of this world, I could feel…Read More

  • Ceci, this is really the topic that a lot of people should focus on right now. But I think high school students are also pretty risky to do in-person classes like elementary school students because high school students will be also asymptomatic and they will more careless about those little signs of their body system. And the parents will less…Read More

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