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  • Hi Madi, I agree that we should all allow ourselves to keep a distance from people we meet in order to protect ourselves and others from the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Hi Alex, I agree with your idea that vaccines should be tested. Many vaccines have side effects that could be lethal to some people. We should be more careful about when to give vaccines to the public. https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/vaccine-side-effects-and-adverse-events

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    Should we wear face masks?

    As Coronavirus spreads in the world, people become more and more serious about it. How to protect ourselves and others from it has become a hot topic. Quarantine and social distancing worked well in the past few weeks, however,...

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    • It is a great article, I think that most of American do not see this a improtant thing

    • This topic is still relevant doing since we, in the United States, are still going through the Covid-19 pandemic, while places like China and Australia were able to clear it up by following precautions. Even almost a year after Covid hit the U.S. people still refuse to believe its severity or even its existence. There was no way the whole country could spend a year in our homes, which is why we need to wear masks. The entire country can’t seem to get on board, especially those who don’t take the virus seriously, being the most probable people to have it and spread it. Places like California have a zero percent ICU capacity, making everyone, including those sustaining injuries outside of Covid, unable to get treatment. If people could wear their masks around other people, including parking lots and in the streets, they could save lives. Then, after some time and a limited number of vaccines, the need for masks on a daily basis will be gone. Many people weren’t thinking ahead back in April and many are still not thinking ahead now.

    • The idea of wearing a face mask shouldn’t even be a big topic of discussion, in my opinion. After China required people to wear masks, the infection rates went down. To keep yourself and others safe, everyone should wear a mask when going out and social distance. It’s not a difficult task and it’s definitely not political. We should respect the doctors and nurses that are putting their lives at risk by wearing a mask and socially distancing. Everyone wants this pandemic to be over and wearing masks would help.

    • People have yet to realize the severity of the virus; until recently it was untreatable and deadly at high rates to the elderly population. No one is on the same page in the United States, unlike places such as Japan where the majority of people never left work and the infected rates stayed low. This is due to people wearing masks and distancing. I believe a large issue is a founding principle of America, which is to stand up for what you believe and this is usually a good thing until you are going against science and the rest of the world. People need to take this more seriously and wear a mask for themselves and others.

    • Dear Honam, I am happy that you shared these facts with us in your writing “Should We Wear Facemasks” because there is a lot of people that don’t really know what’s going on with masks and everything. They don’t know that china has been using it every time they leave their house. They didn’t know that china has now 0 infections. Thank you for sharing this with us and one quote that stood out to me is “what if we are going to public places like Walmarts? Face masks seemed like the thing that would solve the problem.” this quote stood out to me because wearing your mask will help out our country best when it comes to going places where there is going to be a lot of people. I believe that wearing your mask will bring the cases down to 0 and help out everybody from getting sick. Thank your for writing this and i look forward to any other writing you have next.
      , Jeramiah rivera

  • Hi Gedeon,
    I partly disagree with the idea of adding the career aspect into the high school AP courses. It’s not feasible for most high school students to spend time on careers that they don’t even know if they are interested in or will be study in. Therefore, there will be less and less students going to place themselves into AP courses.…Read More

  • Hi Danny,
    I found this issue controversial because different states have different laws on death penalty. In my point of view, no one has the right to take others’ lives away, even that person had killed another person. It’s not a problem if death penalty is effective, but it’s a problem if we are right to do so.…Read More

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