• Amazing poem it really shows how u feel and this situation sorta sounds like what happened to me

  • Animal Rights


    Dear People of America

    We have sent you this letter because we care not only about the treatment of animals in your fine city, but also their lives. Animals aren’t left in peace in the wild,

    • Just the thought of keeping animals in a small cage is just depressing.I think you really brought out a new perspective in circus…. the dark side of it. When people go to these events they never consider about the animals living conditions all people care about is the tricks. I think that we need to spread more awareness.

    • I like how you left evidence to prove your claim right. I agree with you that everyone should stop this now because of all the abuse that has been going around animals is just not right. Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Hugo,
      I agree with you that animals have rights just like us. I think that animals have rights just like us because they are alive and deserve to be treated with care. Like how you said in your article that animals could be abused and locked in cages and that it isn’t fair for them and they need to be treated with care and protected. In my life i don’t have any pets but I do care for animals. If they are hurt or trapped I would feel bad. In my opinion I don’t think that animals should be kept in cages and some people don’t care if an animal dies and they don’t think that animals experience pain.

    • Hey,
      I might be late to this party, but I think that animals are incapable of having rights. I say this because they don’t know any better and can’t understand what is or isn’t animal mistreatment. Most people treat their animals with care, and I think that instead of having activists or trying to encourage people to change their lifestyle to convenience a few animals, we should instead work on regulating how people treat animals.

    • Hugo,
      I agree with you animals should not and cannot be used as entertainment. I never have understood the point of zoos, circuses, dog fights, cockfighting, etc. The animals that are in zoos and circuses are meant to be in the wild, not stared at through cages or watched doing tricks. The dogs or chickens in those fights are literally torn to shreds by each other and fight to the death. Like the San Francisco Board of Governors I think that all states need to vote “ prohibit the use of wild and excotic animals for entertainment.”

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  • i agree but some of the future presidents are trying to make taxes higher in different ways for all states

  • Dear Future President of The United States:

    When you are president, please consider a higher minimum wage in Rhode Islan not fair that people in other states get paid 16 dollars an hour when we only get paid 9.60

    • Exact minimum wage in the U.S does differ from state to state, but nationally there is a basic median that everyone must follow. Even when minimum wage is higher in one state, that state usually have higher taxes and prices on goods. Raising the minimum wage would disturb the economy, including the need to raise prices.

    • I think this is a very strong argument but to make it better maybe elaborate on how this effects you personally or how you have seen it effect others.

    • i agree but some of the future presidents are trying to make taxes higher in different ways for all states

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