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  • Dear Nicolle,
    I am very interested by the title of your post really caught my attention what is life without a risk.I feel like taking risk is a part of life because we live and wed learn to never do that again.I think making mistakes is part of life.One sentence that really caught my attention was when you said along the lines of the book being…Read More

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  • Dear Gabriel,
    I like how you chose to do this topic about human trafficking.This is a topic that isn’t being talked about on the new and I think that if they talked about it on the media it would prevent it from happening as much. This is happening to someone everyday.The victims can prevent them from being chosen because they want everyone. To…Read More

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    With the start of a virtual school year, seniors like myself all have the same question: Will we be able to experience a normal senior year? We have spent more than half of our lives in school working for...

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    • Dear Hayley:
      I totally agree with your statement, I almost have no hope that we will get to experience a fun and fulfilling senior year. It’s been half a year since we’ve been in this pandemic, and doing school from home isn’t easy. It’s stressful and causes me to feel unmotivated to do my work.

      A sentence that stood out to me was “We have spent more than half of our lives in school working for the moment where we get handed our high school diplomas at our graduation, hearing our parents cheering us on from the stand, with some of us being first-time graduates in our families” because we’ve waiting so long for this year just for it to go down the drain.

      Thank you for your writing, I enjoyed reading about this since I can relate.

      Yaslin Loera

    • I agree with your post that the pandemic has caused a lot of changes for highschool seniors. We are still not sure what will happen as the year goes by, so that leaves us with many questions. These questions, however, I think will be answered with time. We just have to wait and see what happens. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the current events that are taking place.

    • Dear Hayley,
      I definitely agree with your post, Everyone is facing the great challenges of this pandemic, according to school, outside life and even remarkable experiences. But kids that were supposed to graduate, it hurts even more. We were supposed to be celebrated for such a big accomplishment but that was taken from us and we may never get that chance again.
      A sentence that stood out to me was “However, we are in a pandemic and their is a strong possibility that we won’t get to experience that.” because it’s facing the reality of the situation. Some people might think that were going to go back before the year is done but that might not be true. It’s a very big if.

      So Thank You for this and hopefully you get to enjoy your senior year as your supposed too.

      Drew Horsford

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