• Dear Jillian,

    I am amazed by your poem, “voices in prospect park” because you gave explicit details on how you feel about the park and what emotions trigger you up. Also, you explained who you like to go to that park with and how much they make you smile.

    One line that stands out for me about your poem is ,’It was full of laughter and smile…[Read more]

  • It was pretty exciting recording this scene of the play “To kill a mockingbird”. It was very tough at first and we had to keep re-doing the recording over and over again but, later we finally got it. I lea

  • I truly agree thank you for your comment

  • thank you and yea, I grew up coming to this park all the time so i like going there when i feel upset or stressed ..it reminds me of my childhood and calms me down.

  • In the blue parkYou hear the squirrels barkand feel the nature With human behaviorThis park has been around for a whileIn which it always make many people smileI haven’t been to this long-living playground B

    • This place is very nice. It’s good that you have a place that you an go to when you are upset or just to think. It is also very good that the park is open to everybody. As well as, it’s interesting how you go to the same park all the time.

      • thank you and yea, I grew up coming to this park all the time so i like going there when i feel upset or stressed ..it reminds me of my childhood and calms me down.

    • I truly agree thank you for your comment

    • Hey, Hatou I enjoy reading your poem. Did you know that blue or lavender is a stress relieving color and lavender can relieve your stress also. I like how you said that it helps you put up with school. It seems like their is a lot of bullying in your school and that going to this park helps you to cope with all that bullying. I can also relate to this poem in a way. Because i’m a victim of bullying and I know exactly what it feels like to be built up with stress after it. Thank you for writing this poem it helped me realise some things.

  • The “Blue Park”, has been around for a long time. It’s been around for my whole childhood and is still around. This park is the “neighborhood park” where most people that live around that area go sit around th

  • The “Blue Park”, has been around for a long time. It’s been around for my whole childhood and is still around. This park is the “neighborhood park” where most people that live around that area go sit

    • This reminds me of my community park and how the park had these 2 old ladies that are still there selling corn in a cup and candies and drinks and sometimes tamales in the winter. They’ve been there for almost 10 years. I really like how you added pictures.

  • Dear Jillian,

    I am astonished by your photographs, ‘Prospect Park in the Rain” because they made me more concerned about parks. I usually don’t go to parks, but you’ve made me interested in them just by taking excellent pictures on them.

    One of your photographs that stands out for me was when you took a close picture of the tree stems and how i…[Read more]

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    Hey Fatoumata, I’ve read this part of your story about ‘to Kill A Mockingbird”. This was a very interesting part to read. You’ve talked about how Mr. Ewell was very creepy and how Atticus’s children were scared of him. Also you’ve talked about how racism occurred in the play. I would love to read the next part of the story. Also i would love to…[Read more]

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    Mr.Ewell, the antagonist in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, has a few traits that influence his relationship with others. One he’s a racist guy. Two, he’s a liar. And three he is very weird since he’s a drunk

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying reading To Kill A Mockingbird! I liked your comparison of the circumstances then to today, though I’d say its more comparable to the social state of today’s world. You did a great job inferencing what is going on in the first chapter when the reader isn’t totally sure at that point in the book. I’d be interested to hear your take on the rest of the book and its themes!

  • Recently I read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I think this book was really motivating to read because each section leaves us urged to know what will happen next. It is very scary to see what will come


    You have done a superb job here talking about Jem and hid sister Scout. you’ve explained how Jem and his sister never get along but Jem still helps her through their tough times. “Jem turns and looks in the same direction. Down the dirt road, drunk, toward the car, comes Bob Ewell. Jem is frightened and starts to leave the car, a…[Read more]

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    you’ve well explained the whole point of this section of the story according to your title. There are lots of ways on how being a different color would make a person feel left out. According to “being black” a black person is nothing compared to a white person. I’m sure You’ve made any who read this understand exactly what the story…[Read more]

  • My name is Hatou Batchilly, and what’s important to know about me is that I’m an African American citizen in the U.S who likes to learn. I was born on the 22 of August, 2001. A turning point that hit me in

    • I agree that people should not be starting families until later in life. I think this because I believe that someone needs to be financially and mentally in a place where they can support another person. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad for a community as a whole, however, I think that starting a family too young can put unnecessary emotional hardship on everyone involved in the situation. Why do you think it’s bad for the community?

    • Hatou, I think that it’s so cool that you have a lot of culture in your background. I think it’s good to look at things from different perspectives. Most teens aren’t emotionally ready to be mothers yet and financially it can be hard for them especially if they are still in school. Preventing teen pregnancy can be good for communities. Here is a good article I found about it https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/03/how-do-we-reduce-teen-pregnancy-in-the-us/472425/

    • Dear Hatou,
      I really admire your bio, because it captives your life and beliefs very well. You clearly stated how you feel about the issues in Africa of teen pregnancy, and early marriage. I’m happy that you bought underlying issues to light. I wanted to know even more about you, seeing that you have experienced so much that we know lit about. How do you think we can be a help to this injustice in your community.

  • Dear Terren A.k.A Tee,

    I am impressed by your bio. It gave me emotions that i can really relate to in reality. You’ve spoken about how you grew up, who you grew up with, and how it impacted your life. I like that way you expressed your feelings and showed what kind of person you are and what you like to do. In your story.

    In ‘This my stoRY So f…[Read more]

  • So, as you can see I’ve read further about the play “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I’ve been thinking that this play would only get better and better, which it is. So far, this book has been fascinating. I feel tha

    • Hatou, I think you did a great job of integrating the theme of the book/ movie and the specific scene Throughout the book new stories encounter racism at every turn, and it makes people uncomfortable because it calls them out for what is wrong with our world. I really respect Atticus and his positions on issues. I think he is strong in his morals and I respect that. Here is an article you might like https://www.urban.org/features/structural-racism-america . It focuses on racism in America and its day to day affects. Overall great job!

  • We chose this part of the scene because we were curious on who “Boo Radley” was. In this scene Jem and Scout was explaining to Dill who Boo Radley was. According to the scene page 9 Jem states, “Judging from

  • I’ve been reading plays for a while, but, this one has gotten to me! To Kill A Mockingbird, is one of the best play I’ve ever read. It was so amazing and I love it. I’ve only gotten to read ¼ of the play so far

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