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  • You do a very good job of explaining what a service animal is capable of and what they are commonly used for! I would suggest adding in more about what makes these animals different from pets. For example, “The loyalty shown by service animals is unmatched to those of a regular pet, this is because they are put through extensive training to make s…Read More

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    Beauty isn’t Measured in Ibs

    In modern times, social media plays a substantial role in identifying social norms. Social norms such as body image breakdown a woman’s confidence and view of a “perfect body”. Adolescent girls are most commonly influenced by this unrealistic beauty...

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    • I think that your examples using Instagram about your body image is a great way to express how social media hurts us. I agree with you on the topic of physical appearance being the most important aspect on social media. I personally believe that it’s wrong for us girls to be put in a specific category and judged solely on the appearance of social media. You have great studies to show how your statement is true. One thing that could be touched on is something more about the mental illnesses stemming from social media and body image because it was brought up in your first paragraph.



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Beauty isn’t Measured in Ibs

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