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  • I really enjoyed this article, it was super well written and informative! As this issue continues to grow and grab the attention of schools and sports teams across the country, I am glad people are starting to understand the severity and harm this brings to the Native American community. Unfortunately, verbal slander to indigenous people is not…Read More

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    Digital Poison

    Take a minute to stop scrolling, liking and posting on social media. Just be present. This is something society has forgotten how to do since the creation of social media. As social platforms have begun to grow in recent...

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    • I really enjoyed reading this! The intro grabbed my attention because I am someone that has issues on social media and could also be addicted. Very well told! Nice job

    • Dear Hannah your post caught my attention, I am glad that you wrote about the effects social media has on young people. This is something more people should know, you perfectly described what social media is like now and days. It is sad to say that people are losing themselves just trying to fit into this so called perfect society.

      This part of your post caught my attention ” Our society has taken happiness out of how many likes and comments you get on a post which has taken a toll on how we view our personal worth” I totally agree with this because I’ve seen many people lose confidence in themselves for not getting enough comments or likes on a social media post, people should not have to rely on others to feel better about themselves. I believe that everyone is unique in their own way and the only way to truly be happy is to have self love.

    • Dear Hannah
      I am impressed by your post “Digital Poison” because it talks about the effects it has on us.  I am reminded that most of us, including me, spend way too much time on our digital devices.  It’s like we are addicted to a screen and we can’t live or can’t spend a day without using one.
      One sentence that stands out to me is “Children today are living in a society that has a social media presence in almost everything they see online.” This quote is so true because I see kids around me, and instead of playing outside or with other kids, they’re just on their phones.  Kids at a young age have developed a phone privilege. I did not see this kind of behavior when I was younger.
      Thank you for writing.  I look forward to hearing what you have next, because this is a very interesting subject. Socializing verbally and physically will always be better than texting.  All in all thank you for informing me. 
      Neftaly Mateos

    • Dear Hannah

      I’m impressed by your writing “Digital Poison” because I do think social media platforms are doing more bad than good to our generation. I agree people have a herd mentality 
      cause they want to feel validated. One sentence you wrote that I found interesting was The pressure of social media causes “teenagers to believe that they need to fit this “perfect image,” that they can achieve online, even if that is not their true persona.” I think this is true because within my school I know people use filters or good lighting to come off a certain way. Every teenager seems to post they are living the best life but yet depression seems to be a big problem among us, teenagers. Thanks for your writing, I look forward to what you write next because I like the connections you make with social media and our mental health. I liked how you mention herd mentality and depression.


  • This was really well written! I couldn’t agree more that pressures of social media are just added stress to a teenagers life. I feel like people shouldn’t be rushed into anything based on those pressures until they figure out who they are as their own person. You touched base on how relationships can cause anxiety and different emotions bro…Read More

  • You do a very good job of explaining what a service animal is capable of and what they are commonly used for! I would suggest adding in more about what makes these animals different from pets. For example, “The loyalty shown by service animals is unmatched to those of a regular pet, this is because they are put through extensive training to make s…Read More

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    Beauty isn’t Measured in Ibs

    In modern times, social media plays a substantial role in identifying social norms. Social norms such as body image breakdown a woman’s confidence and view of a “perfect body”. Adolescent girls are most commonly influenced by this unrealistic beauty...

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    • I think that your examples using Instagram about your body image is a great way to express how social media hurts us. I agree with you on the topic of physical appearance being the most important aspect on social media. I personally believe that it’s wrong for us girls to be put in a specific category and judged solely on the appearance of social media. You have great studies to show how your statement is true. One thing that could be touched on is something more about the mental illnesses stemming from social media and body image because it was brought up in your first paragraph.



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