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  • Have you ever walked around town and lookedObserved how people actHow they are as a personWhat they do in lifeHave you ever see someone less fortunate than youMaybe they’re homelessMaybe they don’t have eno

    • I kinda agree with your poem and disagree so i’m in the middle because some people or “homeless” ask for money but most of them don’t use it for for a good thing like buy food, but they use it for buy drugs and to continue doing their addictions, which is not going to help them even if we give them a lot of money they are going to continue with their addiction instead of try to really like this part of your poem “Everywhere in the world,There is most likely who has it worse than you
      Maybe you think you have too much homework But at least you go to school, Maybe you’re upset that mom took away your phone Well at least you have a phone.” because we should be happy because of what we have. I enjoy your poem.

      • Thank you, Roberto, for commenting. When I was talking about giving homeless people money I was trying to show an example of helping people. I was trying to get the message out that if you have a few dollars to give then it could help people. Also, not all homeless people are drug loving addicts. Most suffer from mental, physical or emotional problems and they just need help to get back on their feet.

    • Hi Anaya, I really enjoyed your poem and how you opened my eyes to see the bigger picture of how our society is turning out to be. Your poem also made me feel grateful to have a roof over my head, and meal in stomach, and a phone in my hand because others might not. When you said “we take homes” it made me think about gentrification and how new people with more money are moving in and taking other peoples homes. Overall you had a strong voice in this poem and I hope you continue to write poems.

      • Thank you, Christina, for reading and commenting on my poem. I’m glad this made you have a different perspective on the world. I would love to read some of your work. What do you normally write about? Can you send me a link to some of your work?

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