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    Hi Giuliani,

    Thanks for writing this post. It was really clear and answered a lot of questions. I like how you stated “I strongly believe everyone should have the right to do what they desire with their own body especially if it is for a medical reason,” and I completely agree with you. My personal belief is that since it’s the woman’s body,…Read More

  • Stephanie, I think this is a really interesting topic. I really liked how you talked about “putting yourself first to be in a healthy mental state, physically, and emotionally.” I think that it’s one of the most important factors in prioritizing a happy and healthy mental state. From my personal experiences, I’ve found this to be true! Thanks for…Read More

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    Does astrological sign correlate with personality?

    People often wonder if their astrological sign has a correlation to their personality traits. The short answer is no. There’s no scientific evidence that reveals that your astrological sign, birth month, or birthday has any real correlation with your...

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    • Han, this is very interesting! Astrology has always been very confusing to me, and now seeing some science behind why people believe in it is refreshing. Having an altered self perception because of Astrology is something that I believe should be studied more. I think the final statement of “Overall, though some people may find that their personal characteristics align with that of their astrological sign, there’s no true scientific explanation.” gives a good idea of what the article says, and summarizes the post well!


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