• I’m continuing my research on the effects of incorporating art classes in public schools. I have always enjoyed taking art classes– art, theatre, music– you name it, and I’ve always supported the belief that the

    • Hi Cami! I really enjoyed reading this article. I agree with you when you say that the arts should be incorporated in the school system. I think it is something that keeps the students engaged and make them enjoy school more than they usually do. I know from being a student that I have always loved my art classes not only because it gives me a break from the regular core classes, but it makes school much more fun. Your piece was very well written and I enjoyed your topic!

    • I think arts are super important especially in a high school setting where many kids struggle with feeling like they belong. Arts provide that belonging for many and as you suggested also provide many educational benefits

    • Hi Cami,
      I like this article, it brings up something that is not usually discussed among high schoolers. I personally favor art classes as part of public school curriculum because I have grown up with music. My elementary school was a choir school, and not only do I think incorporating the arts stimulates students’ minds, but it also taught me loads about discipline and resilience, which are both skills that I’ve used through high school.
      I think another facet about arts education you might be interested in was how art affects health (as well as development). Here is an article I think you might find useful 🙂 http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/abs/10.1108/09654280510617169
      Can’t wait to learn more about what you find!

    • I think you are completely right about incorporating the arts with core classes! I think the arts can teach us things that our core classes cannot such as creativity and free thinking. Its a way to explore all aspects life can offer and can help one further figure out their path of the future.

    • I really enjoyed your article. I personally greatly enjoy the arts and wish that they were more included into the school systems. I have always been greatly invested in my music and photography and wish it was more prevalent. I think this topic needs to be talked about more and can be useful for many students lives.

    • Great writing Cami. I agree with you that art is really important. I think this is a great thing to put work into and pursue. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    • This is very well written and I admire your dedication to this subject. I think that having art in school, or at least offering it, is very important to students. I think that it is a great creative outlet and can be very beneficial to students as art can be incorporated in many careers.

    • I think this is a great article. I like the way you introduce what you are doing and point out that you were trying to find articles both for and against art classes.

    • I completely agree with you. I think art classes are a necessity and tech you things that the other classes can’t. They encourage individuality and creativity and I believe they are key to a school. I think art allows students to explore many different aspects that you often can’t experience in a regular core class.

    • Chloe replied 2 years ago

      Hi Cami! I agree with your idea that art classes are beneficial to students. I went to a public middle school and many of our art classes were cut after my 7th grade year. Fortunately, my high school offers many art classes. I found this article http://www.onlinecolleges.net/10-salient-studies-on-the-arts-in-education/ interesting because it gives both positive and negative effects of art classes in school. I think art classes offer students time to relax and use their minds creatively, which in turn decreases stress levels and expand their learning capabilities. Thanks for writing I hope the article I linked is helpful for your research project.

    • Cami, I enjoyed reading this continuation of research on the topic of Arts in schools. I do think that having the arts is important in school because it helps kids to have a creative outlet. Kids need to be creative, and use creativity in order to grow and thrive. It has been proven that kids learn better in their core classes when being creative and being artistic to the best of their ability. I like that you brought up the arguing side of the topic as well. I would suggest doing a survey around school, at your high school, or at your old elementary school as well; maybe even talking to some of your teachers, to get firsthand experience.

    • Billy replied 2 years ago

      Cami, I completely agree that art classes can be beneficial to students, especially those in the public education system, but the plain fact is that the budget for such classes isn’t available right now. In this article I found https://lawstreetmedia.com/issues/education/cutting-art-programs-schools-solution-part-problem/ the reason as to why art classes are being cut is because the government wants kids to focus more on core subjects, a point you made very clear when you mentioned the No Child Left Behind Act. Though I don’t know any immediate solutions to this problem, I believe with more research you can present more ways to help save the arts in the school system. Thanks for writing and I look forward to future updates in your continuing investigation.

    • Hi! I’m Whitlee, a student with interests in the influence of the arts in schools. I’m fairly disappointed right now, though. In my state they just passed something that made the arts, and P.E. so they aren’t requirements in our public schools. I saw videos of a meeting that went on and I was proud of all the students that showed up. A girl with a violin. A boy with an easel. I am proud that there are kids who are trying to fight it.
      I do think it would be great to see links to the information you found, so I could read up on some of your sources. Did you know that the arts benefit not only one, but both sides of the brain, promotes self esteem, helps kids be more aware of their surroundings and culture, and helps generate memories? (http://www.ibaboston.org/blog/arts-impact-development-children/)
      “During the brain’s early years, neural connections are being made at a rapid rate. Much of what young children do as play — singing, drawing, dancing — are natural forms of art. These activities engage all the senses and wire the brain for successful learning. When children enter school, these art activities need to be continued and enhanced. Brain areas are developed as the child learns songs and rhymes and creates drawings and finger paintings. The dancing and movements during play develop gross motor skills, and the sum of these activities enhances emotional well-being. And sharing their artwork enhances social skills. ” (http://www.aasa.org/SchoolAdministratorArticle.aspx?id=7378)
      “Even short, moderate physical exercise improves brain performance. Studies indicate that regular physical activity increases the number of capillaries in the brain, thus facilitating blood transport. It also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which significantly enhances cognitive performance. Despite the realization that physical activity enhances brain function and learning, secondary students spend most of their classroom time sitting. Although enrollment in high school daily physical education classes has risen slightly in recent years, it represents only about 25 percent of the student body.” (same source as last)

  • Hi Julius, I understand how you’re feeling. I want a Hillary for president too.

  • Unfortunately, when schools face budget issues, the first courses to be cut are the art courses. This is concerning to me because I am someone who has grown up with the arts my entire life. In my school district I

    • This topic is very important to me, and I have also grown up in and around the arts. Citing your sources was good, and your writing flowed well

    • I agree that arts programs are essential to human learning. They not only encourage students to be creative, but they allow them a cathartic outlet through which they can find their own voice and personality, becoming confidant in themselves. Art connects humanity; no matter where in the world you travel to, you will find art. By cutting arts programs, we boil school down to the core subjects. While these subjects are important, there are things you can learn from dancing, painting, theater, or music, that you will never pick up sitting in a math lecture. You’re right on track with this! Keep researching this more. Try looking at scientific studies that provide empirical evidence about the benefits of arts programs; they will give your paper more strength. Good work!

    • Cami,
      This was very interesting to me because I was personally not aware that funding for the arts was at risk. I have been involved in arts myself for many years, whether that be dance, art etc. I think of it as a therapeutic get away which makes sense that so many kids scored higher on the SAT because compared to the other kids who non-stop cram their schedule with rigorous academics, the kids involved in the arts allow their minds to take a break and to express what they want. I hope that the arts are continued to be funded because if not I think that we would all be able to see the drastic impact on ourselves and our communities.
      Your writing was very good. There were a couple choppy sentences that distracted me, but overall it was very good. Your sources were very well done. Good Job, I enjoyed it!

    • Cami,
      I also have grown up around the arts and it breaks my heart knowing that they are so undervalued in our public school system. I think what plenty of people don’t understand is that the arts serve more than one purpose. Like you said, students do better in their core classes, as well as find a new hobby. I do think that more money just needs to be funneled into public school as a whole because it all of the programs are incredibly beneficial to the students and to society as a whole.

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  • Hi Josh, I think it is already clear that the election is creating a huge divide in our country. I agree with you because I NEVER would have guessed Trump would win the Republican nomination, nor that he would ever become president. I have to admit I am one of those people adding to the divide in our country. I refuse to unite with someone who has…[Read more]

  • In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, Hamilton is one of Broadway’s newest and most acclaimed musicals of all time. In my opinion, Hamilton exceeds every other Broadway show by far.  It wa

    • Dear Cami,
      I agree with your article called “History is Happening in Manhattan”. I really enjoy the musical but your article did provide me with new facts that I was not aware about. I didn’t know about how big of an influence Hamilton has made on the world. I knew Hamilton was an inspiration but I didn’t know about Lin Manuel Miranda being able to convince keeping Alexander Hamilton on the 10 dollar bill. I did enjoy reading this seeing the opinion of other fans other than me. I really liked how you included how diverse the cast of Hamilton is. It made me see how unique Hamilton is changing and breaking barriers. I look forward to reading more of your articles that might be able to introduce me to new musicals, art, and music.
      Good luck,

  • Hi Celia, this poem was fantastic. Not only was it well written, but I agree with the points you made entirely. I have been dress coded in the past and because of that, I was forced to miss my math class that day. It’s ridiculous that girls showing some skin is more important than their education. It’s incredibly frustrating. Thank you for your…[Read more]

  • Hi Will, I did get the surgery in March 2016. My symptoms were gone most of the summer, but have been back since the end of August. Even though I am feeling better than I did last year, I am still not entirely healthy. And yes, I actually have a friend who was recently diagnosed with MALS. She had been having the symptoms as me, and when she…[Read more]

  • I looked just like everybody else. I came to school every day, I talked to my friends, I did my homework. I was involved in multiple activities, and I cheered at the football games every Friday. The thing is I

    • Hey Cami,
      It is not easy coming out and talking about something you’ve had to deal with for a very long time that causes you pain. You can never really tell what a person is going through until you ask the person. Like for example, I had no idea about this problem you were facing until I read about it in your article. If more people talk about their issue like you just did, the word about MALS will spread like wildfire. I really liked reading your article. Also, I want to thank you for teaching me about MALS.

    • I personally had no idea that MALS was even an issue, and this article really opens my eyes to how I can’t be judgmental of other people’s problems. Did you get the surgery and is it no longer and issue for you? Also, do you know anyone else in your life with MALS?

      • Hi Will, I did get the surgery in March 2016. My symptoms were gone most of the summer, but have been back since the end of August. Even though I am feeling better than I did last year, I am still not entirely healthy. And yes, I actually have a friend who was recently diagnosed with MALS. She had been having the symptoms as me, and when she learned I had MALS, she got tested for it, and sure enough she has it too.

    • Wow. This story is really powerful. I think it is awesome that you are using this terrible experience to spread the word and educate people about this disease. It is important to treat everyone with kindness, because you never know what invisible illness they are dealing with. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and stay strong.

    • Hi Cami,
      Thank you for sharing your story:). No teenager should have to deal with that kind of prolonged pain. I really liked hearing your story, and learning about MALS, because I had no idea it existed. My mom suffers from the same symptoms and there hasn’t really been any diagnosis on the chronic pain she has, so I will definitely talk to her about this. The goal of your article is coming true!

    • Cami, this is a powerfully written personal narrative on MALS, and thank you very much for sharing it on Youth Voices. You certainly know your audience well, and how to write to them. Your introduction is strong, but your facts and support are also very well placed. If you ever publish another piece like this, I would really like to read your opinion on misdiagnoses with MALS.

      Some people who rarely go to the doctor may not know that misdiagnosis is popular among the medical community simply because there have been more studies done on Caucasian men than any others. For example, the symptoms of an oncoming heart attack is different for women. Men do not experience lightheartedness and a crushing pain within the chest as women do.

      Again, a very well written article! Hope to hear more from you.

    • Hi Cami! Thank you so much for this piece of writing because I didn’t know about this illness, and it inspires me that you would talk about this publicly. I think people need to be more aware of what others are going through or at least treat them with kindness and with no judgement because we never know what someone may be battling with. I think you’re really tough for going through this and pushing through this. Thank you again for this!

  • Cami commented on the post, Good to be Gay 2 years, 12 months ago

    Hi Ian, I also researched an issue related to the LGBTQA community. The laws that exist in this country are disgusting, aren’t they? It feels like our history is taking a step backwards as some people still try to argue that gay people deserve less rights than straight people. I believe that everyone should be treated equally because love is love.…[Read more]

  • Hi Naomi, I love this piece and what makes it even better is that you have experienced it first-hand. I wasn’t aware of the difference because I’ve never had to experience it, so thank you for enlightening me. This issue is very sad and frustrating. What do you think can be done to change the way that US citizens and customs view immigrants/foreigners?

  • Last weekend I attended a wedding, and one of the brides made an announcement that drew my attention. She said that the guests were free to use either bathroom, based on which one they were comfortable with. And

    • Your post is very open and I support it very strongly. I like your comment about how perverted men won’t be stopped by small bathroom signs so you can’t use that argument to keep transgender people out. But if this is the mindset, how can we work to change this? What can be done to change the way we treat LGBT people? Why are people still treating them in such a manner in 2016? I love how powerful your argument is, keep going with it Cami!

    • Cami, I agree with you 100%. This issue is something that was recently brought more into the light after Target released information on their bathroom situation a few months ago. Since then, this topic has been quite controversial. As a non-transgender person, I have no problem being allowed to use public restrooms. This is something I definitely take for granted. But for transgender people, they are frequently put in uncomfortable situations or denied the right to use a public restroom. I do believe that our society is moving in the right direction by allowing more transgender people to chose the restroom that they identify with, but there is unfortunately a lot of work to still be done.

    • Cami,
      I really love the fact that stuff like this is coming more into the light and being more accepted by society. I think these are people that need equality and have a tough time in society as it is, so getting this figured out will be a huge step forward. I think there are many ways these problems can be resolved, even as simple as adding in a “gender-neutral/inclusive” bathroom for anyone to use. This is a topic that needs more discussion and I’m glad you brought it up! Great Job!

    • Cami, I thought your post was very insightful and it’s something that is happening. Many people are strongly against this or strongly agreeing with you. I agree with you 100%. I think this situation has gotten bigger because of the amount of stores that have released information about the bathroom situation. Everyone deserves equality; and equality means using whichever bathroom you want to use. I think its only certain people who have this issue and really its not an issue. If people are having an issue with this, easy answer: don’t use a public bathroom. Unfortunately this is still more work to be done to fix this.

    • The argument with the bathrooms is not that “allowing people to use the bathroom of their choice, perverts will suddenly start entering bathrooms,” but it is that allowing anyone to used any bathroom will allow perverts to sexually assault women easier by just saying “I feel like a female today.” I know that the signs on a walls are not force fields that will stop criminals from doing their horrible deeds, (This is why I am against gun free zones) but giving in to this will make it easier for them to sexually assault their victims.

    • Cami, this is a very insightful post and i agree with it completely, your argument is concise and interesting. As a genderqueer person, i find it heartwarming that so many people are supportive.

  • Hi Ramazan, I agree that at this point it will be almost virtually impossible to keep people from getting their hands on guns, however, Americans often forget what the second amendment was originally created for. The full second amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to…[Read more]

  • Hope, love, courage, strength– to me “believe” is the embodiment of all of these combined. Growing up my mom filled our house with countless signs bearing that word. For a long time, I didn’t appreciate or under

    • Sid replied 3 years ago

      Hey Cami, I really liked this post. This word means a lot to you because of the experiences you’ve had. It definitely improves the quality and importance of this piece. After reading this, I’ve also gained new insight on how to approach the word ‘believe.’

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