• I feel strongly that my research paper went well. I felt that I learned a lot about concussions, and learned what I didn’t already know. I started by figuring out what I already knew, and going forward from t

  • In researching concussions, I did not have a specific question in mind that I wanted to find the answer to. My first step was checking databases, specifically our school’s library media center online resource. S

    • Elizabeth,
      This is an incredible post! I can tell you put a lot of thought and research into writing this post. I really like how you referred to other texts for other examples and proof. I also like how you used the library as a source of information. Not many people go to the library now a days. Keep up the good work.

  • For my expos class, we are writing research papers. My topic is concussions since I have had a couple of them myself. I want to find out what effects concussions where you didn’t lose consciousness have on p

  • Great job Brooklyn! I agree with you. I also think college kids are scared to report when a peer gets alcohol poisoning because of the consequences, but recently the law has changed so that you can’t get punished if you call and get help for a peer. I also think college is a great place to have fun, meet people, and educate yourself further, but…[Read more]

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    I thought this was an interesting approach to writing about a zamboni. Being a figure skater, I totally relate to this, however I do want to point out that figure skaters don’t do twirls. I do think everyone could use a little zamboni in their lives.

  • Hi Sara,

    I liked how you started your essay by setting the scene. You provided an image for your readers to be able to relate to, which was very helpful in proving your side of the argument by using pathos. I liked the outside references to stories about gun violence that many of your audience members knew and could relate to. You had great…[Read more]

  • I liked your essay’s conclusion paragraph. Some very intelligent people get terrible grades because they didn’t do the busy work or homework. Nice job sharing your views on this subject.

  • The bell rings and everyone rushes out of school. The students are all headed to different places for different reasons, yet they all have one thing in common: there is a boatload of homework waiting for them when

    • Hi Elizabeth, I found this essay super interesting,and I completely agree with your statements. I think nowadays homework is just assigned because it “should” be, not to benefit us as learners. I learn much better if I am in class and able to go up to the teacher or ask a friend for help in that moment. If I am at home and cannot have access to a teacher to help me, I either leave it, or try my best. But if my best isn’t correct, then I have practiced a ton a math problems the wrong way, or answered a list of questions wrong and that is absolutely not benefiting me.

    • Hi Elizabeth! I love the concept of this essay. Your argument is very strong and has a certain appeal to not only students but also parents. They could see this data on how students are being more stressed and this could lead to depression on harming their kids. I really feel like you brought up the main concerns concerning homework and developed evidence to back it up. Especially how it homework has just become something where kids hate it but just copy and get it done. The learning takes a back seat to getting points. I very much connect with this piece. Good Job DJ E-Hamm! 🙂

    • Elizabeth, I completely agree that homework has more negatives than positives. I’ve done countless homework assignments that I just didn’t see much purpose in. It just takes up time that I could use to study for tests or quizes. You had a lot of good evidence in this piece, but I think one note you could of used was how countries like finland that don’t give homework. They constantly out perform us in testing and education. Overall this was still well done and It was a great idea to write about a subject many of us can relate too.

    • Very interesting topic, Elizabeth! I love the fact that you are not saying to rid teachers of assigning homework, but rather, requesting that they do not assign as much, or make the assignments more worthwhile I have also noticed the “detrimental side effects [of homework for] kids” as you mentioned above. I believe it is important for a teacher to consider what they are truly trying to accomplish in the homework they assign, rather than giving work without a valuable purpose. If you would like to read more about your topic, I urge you to read this article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/09/02/homework-could-have-an-effect-on-kids-health-should-schools-ban-it/?utm_term=.b2ee8515bb59. I look forward to reading more of your work on this topic in the future.

    • Elizabeth,
      I really enjoyed the subject matter of this essay. This argument is picking up a lot of steam as the US brainstorms ways to revitalize our lacking education system. More and more countries are doing away with homework and are focusing on a more test and project oriented approach. An exchange student I had described school as no less stressful due to the lack of homework, but overall more informative. I like when you said “Students stay up late at night to finish meaningless assignments.” I agree that the real problem is the quality of the work some teachers assign. Busy work doesn’t help anyone and I think it needs to be done away with. Here is a source for you to explore this topic more. https://connectusfund.org/list-of-10-big-pros-and-cons-of-homework

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    Words are used for many purposes; describing, emotions, nouns, comparisons, and more. Sometimes, however they are used just for fun. A great example of this is kerfuffle, a personal favorite of mine. The

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