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    What can you do Joe Biden?

    Dear President Biden,My name is Hammam. I urge you to take action in this situation. Migrants need your help I once used to be in their shoes. I know how it feels it's not comfortable for them to eat...

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    What Is Hope....

    People say that pulling yourself with bootstrapping is pulling yourself but for me, it's like pulling yourself into higher ranks through hard work. Just like Junior in chapter six, he says that he wants to go to a different...

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    Hammam commented on the post, Jeffrey Dahmer

    dear kimberly i am satisfied with your introduction because its really on point and interesting. one thing i learned from your writing that stood out for me is “In the article “Jeffrey Dahmer, Crime Library” (Crime Museum), I learned more about the case of Jeffrey Dahmer and what crimes he committed throughout his lifetime.” I think this is con…Read More

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    American Ideal vs Reality

    The United States supposedly has an equal education system. In fact, people from all around the world come to America to get the proper education for themselves or their children. Compared to the Native American experience, it's very different. They...

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    • Hammam, I enjoyed reading about your experiences moving from Yemen to the US. You add a valuable perspective to the conversation. I like the way you summarized the historical information on the experience Native Americans went through and then compared it to your own. I also think you very effectively contrasted the American ideal with the more difficult reality many face. I hope to hear more about your story soon.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with leaving Yemen to come to the US. I appreciate the fact that you highlighted languages that were forced to become extinct by certain school systems and authorities. The way that your experiences were combined with historical allusions and data provided a unique perspective on America and what it is like to no longer use your native language.

    • Hammam,
      I really enjoyed reading this post and learning about your own experiences moving from Yemen to the US. I think your writing regarding the sadness surrounding the loss of many languages is so valuable. You did a really good job connecting these things to your own experiences with the English language and Arabic, and I think your story is so important to share.

    • Hello, thank you for using this post to share about colonization and your experiences having moved from Yemen to the United States. I find that you expressed the tragedy of losing certain languages particularly well, and I feel that you elevated that topic of sharing your own experience with Arabic. Thank yo again for sharing.

    • Hello, thank you for writing about an endlessly fascinating topic. Colonization is something that has occurred in countless places for years on years and has long-lasting effects. I also thank you for expressing your experiences with this, as it shows true courage. Thank you for sharing again!

  • my favorite piece of advice is always think for yourself and don’t let others misguide you. Because people will change them selfs because of what others think of them.

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