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    I like how you made your poem so personal. You kind of described all of the different things that make you up as person, and I found that really cool. Keep up the good work!

  • Lauren,
    I really liked your post. You seemed to have learned a lot of stuff. I also found it interesting that 60 percent of students are not engaged. I was in a Montessori classroom and found it to be a very good fit for me, but not everyone is the same. Good luck on interviewing teachers!

  • Hey Lily,
    Nice post! I like how you said that before you do anything else you just write down your big ideas. I also agree that it would be very hard to find articles that are one sided. Keep up the good work!

  • I have taken my first steps to completing my essay by reading lots of different articles. Now, I would like to look at each one of them individually, and pull information out of them to make my own opinions. By

    • This is very interesting that Asian beauty comes from confucianism. It’s sad that people feel the need to get plastic surgery in order to feel beautiful. Like GaGa said, “You were born this way.” Everyone is beautiful the way they are, and it is sad they see the need to change their appearance.

    • Hi Tevy, I found your post very intriguing and I’m looking forward to reading your paper once it is complete. I found interesting that in other parts of the world plastic surgery is something people praise. I agree with you about there being a lot of pressure to look this way or that way and it’s hard for anyone, especially girls. I’m excited to read your paper once it is all done.

    • Tevy,

      This is a really interesting topic to me, especially because I am of an Asian race. However, although I am Asian I was born and raised in American. I have never thought about plastic surgery for myself. I find it uncomfortable to even think about. However, I know some of my friends, who are Korean, wish to go through surgery. I even know someone who has gone through surgery because they feel ugly or insecure. It’s strange how different countries can have such different beauty standards. While scary, it is quite fascinating.

  • Since we live in America many of us know what is considered attractive, beautiful, and good looking. However, many people assume that our beauty standards are the same as the rest of the world but this is not

  • Lena,
    I really liked reading your essay. I liked how you gave so many new perspectives on hunting. I especially liked when you mentioned that deer can hard the farms crops too. This is because it is a totally different view point from what people are used to hearing about. I also really enjoyed reading your intro and find it very effective. Good Job!

  • When people look into a mirror they often will ask themselves, am I considered attractive? To answer this question people often compare themselves to what they have been taught is beautiful: tan skin, thigh gaps,

    • Hello Tevy,
      I found your piece to be very powerful. Your message is super important and especially with young girls. People should not let other people’s view of beauty define who they are or how they look, and it’s sad so many individuals feel this way. The culture we live in, put too much of an emphasis on looks and personal appearance. You had a lot of good points in your piece. I really enjoyed reading your work!

    • Hello Tevy,
      I found this piece to be very inspiring especially since I am a teen. As a teen I often see many girls my age trying to fit in by being beautiful. I have also wondered if I am considered attractive or not and for a long time I would tell myself I wasn’t. After a while I started asking myself what do I think of myself and with that question I now believe that yes I may not be the most beautiful girl in world but I’m beautiful in my own way. I wish other girls could see this too and not constantly worry about what others think of themselves.

    • Dear Tevy,
      I 100% agree with what you are saying. Almost everywhere young girls are being pressured to look a certain way, boys too. In my opinion, girls are pressured more to look a certain way. Many young kids think they have to look like the Kardashians to be considered “beautiful.” That is nowhere near true, young girls do not know it’s what’s in the inside that counts most of all. It’s difficult to live in the time we live now, because many young people have celebrity idols, eventually they will want to look like them. When young people don’t meet the expectations that are considered “beautiful,” they break themselves and get diagnosed with mental illnesses. Young people have problems with themselves and little themselves if they don’t meet the expectations. Its very sad but that is the kind of world we live in now. Thank you for sharing your post, I look forward to see what you post in the future.

    • Hi Tevy,
      I strongly agree with your argument. Though people care a lot about their out looks, nothing can win over the beauty of personality. The outer beauty differs by culture and region. But everyone like people who are kind and nice.
      Your persuasion was very powerful and I truly believe that this piece of argument will help more people to acknowledge the importance of inner beauty.

    • Dear Tevy,
      I strongly agree with your argument. As a matter of fact people do care about their appearance or what people say about them. Although many people see videos or Tv shows that influence them that their natural selves is not good enough so they try to change their appearance even though they are just damaging themselves. Lastly, the culture we are in are making teens less insecure about themselves and making them have a negative thought about their race and personality.

    • Dear Tevy,
      I agree with what you sate in your writing. Most girls these days look up to women who are much older and more physically mature than them. Girls as little as 10 are diagnosed with anorexia and it’s all because of the commercials, tv shows, magazines, etc. This is not just an issue for girls it’s also for guys. Guys suffer with self image and the way they need to be “buff” and athletic. Although girls cases with self image is recognized more it’s something that everyone deals with at some point in their life. Again, I really liked your writing and appreciate you for writing it.

    • I agree that we have many standards set in front of us as what beauty should be. I also thought it was interesting that this varies in different cultures. I think that in the US the standard that we have for beauty is not good. What girls should look like portrayed in magazines, in ads, online, etc . is super skinny which I think is a bad thing for young adults especially girls. Today, many people don’t feel confidant in their body type and look down on traits that shouldn’t be bad. I think that all people need to be confidant in their body shape and who they are.

    • I, without a doubt, 100% agree with this! To define beauty is to define yourself. I believe that when it comes to whether or not an individual is “up to par” with the beauty standards, it should not be left to the media or magazines to define. Truthfully I do see beauty in the women on the covers of magazines or those defined by social media as “flawless”, however, there are many others that are truly beautiful that haven’t been accepted by society. When we say that “perfect” women don’t have stomach rolls, or that all of them have thigh gaps, it teaches the young girls growing up that this is what defines beauty. I’m hoping that someday in the near future the defenition of beauty and perfection will be loosened to fit the mold of anyone. I really enjoyed what you wrote and I hope many others will be inspired to make a change.

    • This is a very interesting and well written post. I agree that beauty standards can be, and many times are, harmful for people. I think that as a society we need to stop saying “this is what you should be” and really focus on saying, “be yourself and embrace what you have”. I think that many if not all of us know what it is like to live up to an impossible standard, so we should surround ourselves with people that love us for who we are, not who they want us to be. Great job!

    • Hi Tevy!
      I couldn’t agree more with your info about beauty standards. Many people these days become so obsessed with fitting beauty standards in their culture/country that they forget this one thing: The only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself. The opinions of others really don’t matter when it comes to your look and your body- if you want to rock a yellow cape, and that yellow cape makes you feel good, then you should. When it comes to stuff like skin color, i’m torn- because I personally believe that all skin colors and body shapes are beautiful, but if someone makes the decision to change that, I can’t say that’s wrong. If that’s what it takes for them to feel good about themselves, then i support them. However, this raises the question: does this create a bigger problem in society? Thanks for your article! It was really interesting!

    • Tevy,
      As a young women living in the same society as you I couldn’t agree more with your stance on the subject. This is a message that I believe needs to be more widely known about. Today young girls are impacted by our society and effects them for the rest of their lives. Amazing post!

    • Tevy,
      Your opens up my mind on the aspect of beauty. I was really moved by the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the beholders are often influenced by beauty standards that are premade.” This really stuck out to me because of how true it that society has already made up our minds as to what is beautiful even if that isn’t truly how we feel. Everyone would love to look in the mirror and see beauty but your writing has brought up very good points- societies brainwash people into making them think that a certain way is beautiful. You hit that straight on too, only a handful of people are actually naturally born with these traits the others use measures to create the image with surgery or other means. You are talented writer with a great point of view.

    • I really enjoyed reading this. I agree with you on every aspect. I wish young women in our society cared less about how they looked, but more about the personalities of each individual. I try my best not to conform to what society says is the right way to look, but even then I feel self conscious about the way I look. It’s sad that looks are such a big deal and I hope one day in will be changed. Great article by the way!

    • Being a teenage girl living in this society with a set idea on what beauty is, I can completely relate. The statement “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the beholders are often influenced by beauty standards that are premade” really stood out to me, because it is so true. This piece is very powerful, and I think this is a very important message, I really enjoyed reading this.

    • Hello Tevy,
      Your statement in this article was very strong and very true. A lot of people I know are influenced by the “A-List” celebrity bodies and they never really embrace the beautiful qualities they have themselves. With the beauty standards in America, many people are getting plastic surgery maybe because of social media and how it has a big impact on looking perfect. Overall, I believe that it is insane that people are getting plastic surgery. But, if plastic surgery takes insecurities away from people and makes them more self-confident, then I believe it is an amazing thing.

    • Dear, Tevy

      The piece you wrote about becoming beautiful is so powerful and mostly because its like a message to all women’s and ppl that are teens. I found thi piece of story so interesting that i actually wanted to read more and like I’m into all that beauty i also question myself and i really enjoyed to read this because i got inspire by the away you write this . And yes there’s different opinions in every state on how to be beautiful and i strongly agree because its so important to know about this and a line that really stand out was “Some would argue that beauty standards actually bring up a person’s confidence. This could only be true ” (tevy) i like this part because it really brings peoples confident when they have beauty and that’s like a message. Aslo i like about other ppls culture and i’m latina and I wonder what you identify as.

      Sincerely, Paola

  • Lilly,
    I liked reading your post. I agree with you that young people need to start caring about the minimum wage more because that will be affecting us. Personally, it is already affecting me because I have a part time job. I also think that businesses are starting to notice this too by starting to raise their minimum wages to more like nine…[Read more]

  • I have always believed that America is a place where people try and do achieve their dreams. It is also a place where people are given second chances to live a better life and start over. I can relate to this

    • Hi Tevy,
      I really enjoyed reading your post about immigration. I find Immigration to be a political issues that is super important. I agree with you about America being a place for better lives and second chances because it truly is this. People from other countries come here for better opportunities. Our country is very diverse and I believe that a lot of individuals find that to be appealing. My opinion on immigration is that we should be for it and support it. As you said though, America can’t hold everyone, and that is something I’ve thought about before too. But people should be able to be free and live in a place where they are able to have better lives.

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    Roman, your poem was amazing. I loved the structure of the poem and the things you described in it were very meaningful. I come from a very different world so this poem really made me see things in a different way. I don’t know if I will ever live in a reality like yours but you should not get looked down upon because I think you have a real…[Read more]

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    Sermon, I thought that your poem was very inspiring because you described a lot of things in your life that are not easy to talk about. I really appreciate you writing this because you are letting people who do not experience things like you do everyday experience it through writing. Keep writing because you are very good!

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    I really enjoyed your poem. I especially liked the last part of it where you said that you can never stop believing in yourself. I think that sometimes it can seem like no one else believes in you so you have to believe in yourself. I also come from a supportive family but have not dealt first hand with racism I like how you talked about it in…[Read more]

  • Ever since I was little I was taught to model after a hero. Whether it would be the hero of a movie or a book I was shown that being the hero was a good thing. A hero could do anything such as: saving a school

    • I have a super power😁😁

    • Dear Tevy :
      I am amazed by your post about “The new super power “ because it made me feel as I am a super hero everyday i wake up. Although I can’t fly or punch the cement to where it will break I feel I have courage knowing that people like you are still here.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “” I think this is inspiring because it shows
      Another sentence that I agree with was: “The word courage makes me want to become as close to a superhero as I can and overall just to become a better person.” This stood out for me because it shows that he wants to be a better person and overcoming challenges with courage.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because the way you explained this superpower and connected with courage wants me to read more.

    • Dear Tevy:

      I am inspired by your post, “The New Super Power,” because it is very truthful, and instills a kind of hope in me.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ As I grew up I no longer looked for superman and batman in buildings but looked to the newspapers and internet for people who could come close to achieving the hero image. ” I think this is touching because it shows how even though we don’t live in a world with flying Kryptonians (do we?), we do live in a world where their are heroes all around us- showing a different type of courage and bravery- like you mention.

      Another sentence that I was inspired by was: “I have come to the conclusion that even though every day people including myself may not have supernatural abilities we do have courage that at times can seem like a new superpower..” This stood out for me because it sends the message that even though we don’t have superhuman strength, everyone has a superpower that should not be overlooked- courage.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the ideas you express and the truth in your words makes me feel hopeful that we can build and be a part of a better world.

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