• The first known psychics are from more than 4,000 years ago. Although in recent history they have a  of being rejected by the christian church and society in general, they used to have a powerful role. These

  • When receiving a reading you go in and sit down in a comfortable space. You are generally face to face with the medium. From their appearance you would never know their capabilities.  From day to day they live

  • The goal of many mediums is to decipher messages from spirits. This is not only from the people who have died here on Earth but who are angels and spirit guides as well. Everyone is capable of mediumship in

  • Mediums have been around since the beginning of time. They are a specific type of psychic that goes above and beyond simply tuning into a person’s energy and instead they tune into the person’s past present and

    • Halley, this is a really interesting topic! I really liked how you explained the purpose of mediums and specifically how you said “many religions teach that when one dies, their soul lives on and lingers around those who are important to them. Mediums have the ability to communicate to these souls.” I’m very excited to see what you write next!


    Manipulation has become the backbone of our society. As the use of technology continues to expand and becomes accessible to more and more people, it has become easier to manipulate larger groups. We use it

  • Hi Ruby! I find your article very fascinating. I think you provide solid evidence that backs up your points very well. I like how you talk about the importantce of vaccines. I specifically enjoyed your point about lightening. Here is an article you may enjoy about vaccinations and the impact they can have on a large group of people!…[Read more]

  • Hi Li! I think this post is really amazing in how it takes photography and completely flips it in a way that makes it accessible to all people. It is a beautiful concept and is very well presented. I liked that you focused on what people who are blind can do isntead of what they can’t do. Here is another article that showcases photography by blind…[Read more]

  • Ozzie,
    I really enjoyed reading this. I thought it was very interesting and I like that you prevented both an arguement for and against. I think that the drinking age should be lowered, because we are telling adults (18 year olds) that they aren’t able to make adult decisions until a certain age. They are able to enlist, but not able to sit down…[Read more]

  • Kelsey,
    I really enjoyed your publication! I thought it was very well thought out and the topic is very interesting. It’s something that is present in all of our lives, but sometimes we got too caught up in our materialistic culture to recognize the community values we have lost. I think your last paragraph is especially strong in how you point…[Read more]

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  • There are 31 states where capital punishment is legal. The most common method of execution is lethal injections. Although so many of the states are in favor of capital punishment, only about 33% of people are in

    • Halley, this is a great point! I really liked how you added other solutions to the issue of capital punishment at the end. This reminded me a lot of the debates my theology class had last year about the morality of capital punishment. Although we only answered if it was or was not ethical, it surely would have been interesting to discuss other options besides life in prison and the death penalty. Your connection to gun control (“There are also methods that involve increasing gun control and focusing on early intervention in the lives of at risk people”) was very interesting! I look forward to seeing what you write next! Nice job!

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