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    1 year, 10 months ago

    Struggles of Indigenous Women

    The issue I have chosen to study is Indigenous Women. The articles that I looked at talked about how many women are killed. Everyday, Indigenous Women have to worry for their lives. I chose his topic because I wanted to spread awareness about it because it’s not something you see in the news a lot. It’s something that has got to end. People die everyday. Although I don’t think it’ll impact other people. However, black people go through a similar struggle. They have to face police brutality all the time. It’s not exactly the same but people still die all the time from each group. 4 out of 5 women are affected by violence everyday. These women face murder rates 10 times more than the national average.

    I didn’t really find in any of the articles of how people are helping but i’ve seen people on social media speak out about it and raise their voice. These killers need to be caught and charged for their crimes. Nothing is being done about it and that really upsets me. It would be helpful if people spoke out more about this and tried to find places to donate to for Indigenous Women. I want to continue to learn about this topic and find ways to help.

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