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    America Means Injustice

    When it coms to the topic of America, some people might think of the flag or Trump. According to Amanda Gorman, “America” means how we repair the damage that we have done to this country in the past. The...

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    • Dear Halimah:
      I am impressed by your post, “America Means Injustice,” because I think you really expressed how the United States has suffered from the lack of knowledge on how to make it a better place. It is important to know that we Americans are responsible for many of the things happening in the country.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “how we repair the damage that we have done to this country in the past” I think this is powerful because it is saying that is not something that has barely started but for years and years we have been damaging this place.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I really enjoyed reading your post and the perspectives of others towards the situations here. Also, I think you gave amazing and relevant information on why America is shown as an unfair place or more specifically America Means Injustice.
      Fatima Esparza

    • Hello Halimah,
      I really enjoyed reading your post, “America means Injustice.” I was really impressed with the connection you made with the poem, “The Hill We Climb,” this poem definitely reflects American culture and the pride people hold in being American, and that isn’t just being patriotic but finding ways to fix American society. Thank you for sharing your experience as a hijabi Muslim woman and I completely agree with you. As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, it’s hard to think America will change for the better when there is so much hate present within our country.
      Estrella Estrada

    • Hello Halimah,

      First of all, great writing and perspective. There are so many points you make which I agree with, such as how people that are considered a “minority” are treated. As a fellow Mexican student, my life is always shadowed by stereotypes, critics, and judgment. There is such a hidden aspect that I feel others in the US want to hide regarding the justice some people lack to receive from our neighbors. I love the examples you gave, especially your own observation and experience with others.
      I wanted to thank you for bringing this topic to light and talking about this sensitive issue some prefer to stay quiet about. Great job.

  • Hi Mazda,
    I am really interested with your post because it’s something that more people need to talk about. I feel like not everyone pays attention to what Native Americans feel and they’re hardly ever talked about. one thing that stands out is how you mentioned the side effects and what mental health leads to. It kind of reminds me of how I felt…Read More

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    Halimah wrote a new post

    Struggles of Indigenous Women

    The issue I have chosen to study is Indigenous Women. The articles that I looked at talked about how many women are killed. Every day, Indigenous Women have to worry about their lives. I chose his topic because I...

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    • Dear Halimah,

      I am happy to see that you worked on the situation with Indigenous Women. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I started my research. I wanted to suggest a show that I found very impactful. It is on Youtube. It is called Fault Lines and there is an episode on this topic. Here is the information:

      “The Search: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.” Fault Lines, Al Jazeera English, May 8, 2019,

      I agree that this issue should be out there more. One of the things they said is that if thousands of white males were disappearing, it would be considered a national emergency, but since it is happening to Indigenous Women, it isn’t showing up on the media at all.

      I look forward to seeing what you and others write about this topic.

    • This is such an alarming issue, and it’s almost made worse by the fact that this is the first time I’ve heard about it and it’s been going on for some time. I wonder why indigenous women are more likely to be targeted? Also if some of theses women are living on reservations, how does the local government play a part? Is this just happening in North America (Canada), or is it wide spread throughout the whole world? I think Jade brung up a good point about how much more attention this would be getting if the main targeted victims were white males, for example.

    • This is quite the shocking article. I had no clue so many indigenous women were being brutalized. It is disgusting to see people being beaten and killed for no reason. I agree with you in the fact that this isn’t really getting any main stream attention. No one knows about this issue, and I think we should do a better job of this.

    • Dear Halimah, when searching for an article to read, your’s was the only one that caught my attention. I have also seen people post about the way Indigenous women are treated on social media. It is a real concern that not a lot of people know what is happening to these women. It is true that there is never any news coverage on the murders of Indigenous women and there needs to be. people should be informed about all cultures and especially the ones most people just turn the other way and ignore. I am glad that you brought this up and wrote about this situation so that many can finally open their eyes to people’s lives that are also important.

  • Struggles of Indigenous Women

    The issue I have chosen to study is Indigenous Women. The articles that I looked at talked about how many women are killed. Everyday, Indigenous Women have to worry for their lives. I chose his topic because I wanted to spread awareness about it because it’s not something you see in the news a lot. It’s som…Read More

  • Dear Katie

    I am really interested in your post because it shows the reality of today’s society. It tells how a teen can suffer. You mentioned that teens usually use social media for validation. I 100% agree with you and think that social media can be used to always look down on yourself and compare yourself to other people and always think that…Read More

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