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  • Hey Maggie,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and found the website that you used very interesting as well. As of right now society feels that having the newest version of something, will change everything and make their technological product work perfectly. This is why I like the article you chose because as Segan stated the previous products…Read More

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    The Power of Language Involved in Mental Health

    Imagine if you woke up one day and no one said a word. The way we talk defines who we are. Having language allows us to communicate with others in a way they can understand. Communicating allows us to...

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  • Hi,
    I liked how you included the experiment done at Harvard. This shows that people truly do hold onto the negative comments thrown at them and because of this people can not see the positive comments as clear. I also like how you suggested a change in the power of language to use it more positively rather than negatively.

  • I enjoyed how you explained the views of COVID being a single sided story and then related it back to having empathy. I agree with only reading one news article, being a single sided story, because that site may only include their views, opinions and hope for the future without gaining a true knowledge of the topic by seeing every perspective…Read More

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    How Mental Health Affects Those Who Play Sports

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like you play a specific sport? The reason for this is because of our body frames and how we are all built in unique ways. “In early days, female volleyball players...

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    • I like how you brought light to this subject because not many people talk about the body stereotypes associated with sports & its affect on people.

    • I really liked this blog post because I felt that it was a topic I could relate to as a female runner. The stereotypes that are placed on us are constantly affecting my teammates and I and in this blogpost you do a very good job of explaining this topic.

    • I really enjoyed reading this blog post because I could highly relate to it as another girl who plays an intense sport. I have seen stereotypes affect confidence, especially mine, because it is a constant pressure put on us by society. I also really liked the part where you talked about how women can empower one another through. I think we should try to implement this method more in our everyday lives because it will make female confidence stronger and provide more support.

    • I love how you discussed this issue about women and the stereotypes that go along with their clothing for practices and their uniforms during games. I feel that girls who play a variety of different sports all have this problem in common. From the short shorts used for volleyball to the short skirts used for cheerleading, this is not just a problem for one person, this impacts everyone across the board. I like how you tied in empathy into this post because these women recognize this problem and they support each other through it. It is easier to have empathy for people who are going through the same thing as you at the same time you are going through it. I also like your quote about spectators coming to see these women’s bodies but instead admiring their athletic ability because they should be going to the games for their athletic ability in the first place. These women are learning how to change the conversation and show off why they play the sport in the first place. The only improvement I have for you is that I would have loved to read about empathy for this situation from another source, but I enjoyed reading this post!

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