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I remember

New York City

The author has many hyperboles in his poem and this sentence is an example of one.

The author used anaphora by repeating how much s/he wants to be in Austin, Texas.

The author sets the mood by using words like fresh, air, and people.

What does this line mean, “along the pavement of your soul.”?

These last few lines of text makes me imagine a happy place full of joy and happiness. The keywords that make me imagine this are fresh, music, and people.

These exaggerations emphasize how much the author wants to be in Austin, Texas. For example, “Swim the Colorado at noon barebottomed.”

Inside Out and Back Again

No Crystal Stair, part 2

I don't think that they will find her because of the amount of power the D.A has. Also because of the color of Fonny's skin.

I think that Fonny is overreacting and doesn't see that Mr. Hayward is actually trying to help.

I don't think that Fonny believes in Mr. Hayward. I believe in this statement because of his reaction to Tish's question.

I think Daniel is afraid of racism. Or maybe his mother dying.

I think James meant that Daniel was running out of friends. The words familiar faces means friends.

Everybody in the family believes that Fonny is innocent. Fonny is lucky to have such a supporting family.

I think Mr. Hayward is genuinely trying to help Fonny. You can see this because Mr. Hayward isn't forcing the family to pay instantly.

I think the hunt family has bad experiences with white people. This is because of their trust issues with white people.

I think Joseph will accept Tish's decision. One reason is because of how much he loves his daughter.

most likely

ms.hunt is christian


it's their future

why does ms.hunt hate tish?

Ms.hunt is showing a lot of attitude with this statement

This shows that fonny has a bad relationship with his family

this sentence reveals that fonny is a thoughtful and considerate person

I think they ignored each other because of embarrassment

i dont think fonny's parents will support this


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