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    In this slide, the people on the left are peacefully standing outside while the people on the right are climbing a wall to get into the white house. The people on the left are holding pictures of victims while...

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    • I think there really are some good cops out there. The problem is the bad ones who are responsible for killing Blacks and minorities over and over give all police as a whole a bad name. One of the biggest issues with the police force as a whole is that they continue to hire police that come from neighborhoods where there aren’t any minorities that live in those areas at all. As a result, police often feel threatened when they interact with them because they don’t know how to approach, interact or engage with them socially. Because police train cops to kill and shoot first, they’re quick to grab their weapons in every scenario and usually end up hurting someone unnecessary with excessive force. The good cops unfortunately get dragged into it because if they stand up or testify they end up being harmed or threatened by other police. This forces many cops to stay quiet and never report anything out of fear of their family being harmed or being harmed themselves.

    • Dear Hai-Cheng,
      I am very drawn to and interested in your post “Police” because it deals with racial injustice that is constantly happening around the nation on a daily basis. I am very glad to see that you’re speaking upon how African Americans are always facing harsh lives while living in the U.S.
      One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is when you stated, “These photos show the difference between the treatment of BLM protesters and Trump supporters. In the photo on the left,  the BLM protesters were confronted with riot shields and guns while the Trump supporters were getting a free pass to go into the white house.”

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I am always fascinated about speaking on the topic of law enforcement. I find it unlawful that protestors are treated worse than individuals who broke into a nation’s capitol.

      Brenda Ornelas

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    Sweet Tooth

    By Russell Edson, Read by Hai Cheng Li A little girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice was eaten by someone with a sweet tooth the size of an elephant’s tusk.         Ah, he said, this darn tooth, it’s driving...

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    I remember

    I remember when everybody was in school doing worksheets. I remember when everybody was excited about a 2-week break. I remember when everybody found out we had to resort to online school. I remember everybody being happy. I remember...

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    New York City

    Five puzzle piecesEach one having many detailsBut they all have one similarityWhich is uniquenessStars of musicComedy prodigiesA compact melting potThis is what makes New York City

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    • Thanks for your poem! I look forward to seeing what you make next because I like how you use different literary techniques one of which is enjambment. I also liked how you talked about NYC Culture like music and entertainment.

    • Dear Hai-cheng :

      Your Poem talks about how you see New york city as a place that unique and filled with music and entrainment. Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next because I like how you talk about new york city and talking about the Music and entrainment in New York City and the culture there.

    • Dear Hai-Cheng:
      I am absorbed by your poem, “New York City,” because of the way you described nyc as to you. I agree with you when you said that New York City is unique and filled with music and entertainment.
      One line that stands out for me is, “Five puzzle pieces”. I think this line is powerful because it is in a metaphor of how the 5 boroughs create up New York City Manhattan,Queens.Brooklyn, Staten Isalnd and the Bronx.
      Another line that stands out for me is, “A compact melting pot”. I think this line is compelling because nyc does have a lot of different cultures, different people here. We are all one though in this big diverse city.
      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next! Oh and I loved how you included metaphors in your poem.

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Sweet Tooth

I remember

New York City

The author has many hyperboles in his poem and this sentence is an example of one.

The author used anaphora by repeating how much s/he wants to be in Austin, Texas.

The author sets the mood by using words like fresh, air, and people.

What does this line mean, “along the pavement of your soul.”?

These last few lines of text makes me imagine a happy place full of joy and happiness. The keywords that make me imagine this are fresh, music, and people.

These exaggerations emphasize how much the author wants to be in Austin, Texas. For example, “Swim the Colorado at noon barebottomed.”

Inside Out and Back Again

No Crystal Stair, part 2

I don't think that they will find her because of the amount of power the D.A has. Also because of the color of Fonny's skin.

I think that Fonny is overreacting and doesn't see that Mr. Hayward is actually trying to help.

I don't think that Fonny believes in Mr. Hayward. I believe in this statement because of his reaction to Tish's question.

I think Daniel is afraid of racism. Or maybe his mother dying.

I think James meant that Daniel was running out of friends. The words familiar faces means friends.

Everybody in the family believes that Fonny is innocent. Fonny is lucky to have such a supporting family.

I think Mr. Hayward is genuinely trying to help Fonny. You can see this because Mr. Hayward isn't forcing the family to pay instantly.

I think the hunt family has bad experiences with white people. This is because of their trust issues with white people.

I think Joseph will accept Tish's decision. One reason is because of how much he loves his daughter.

most likely

ms.hunt is christian


it's their future

why does ms.hunt hate tish?

Ms.hunt is showing a lot of attitude with this statement

This shows that fonny has a bad relationship with his family

this sentence reveals that fonny is a thoughtful and considerate person

I think they ignored each other because of embarrassment

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