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A New Perspective

I remember when I was a little girl, I would sit on my couch and watch High School Musical. I would watch all the characters grow and see amazing people that they would be at the end of their senior year. They faced hardships, challenges, and roadblocks. But they were all able to put aside their differences, break through the […]

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Research Update: Plant Based Diets Can Save the Planet!

In my search to find more research on plant based diets and how they can save the environment, I was lucky enough to have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Matthew Burnett, a Naturopathic Physician at Utah Natural Medicine. I was curious what a doctor specializing in natural medicines and herbal remedies would think about a vegan/ vegetarian diet. The first […]

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Plant Based Diets and Saving Our Planet

In my last youth voice post, I discussed a new plan that New York city schools were implementing into their school systems… Meatless Mondays! As I have continued my research on the topic of plant based diets, I have found much more to add to the benefits of eating in this new lifestyle. The first article I read was about […]

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NYC Schools Go Meatless on Mondays!

In the CNN article New York public schools to have ‘Meatless Mondays’ starting this fall, written by Doug Criss, he discusses the new policy that was implemented to schools in NYC. This policy is similar to “Meatless Mondays”; schools changed the breakfast and lunch options served on Mondays to vegetarian meals. Mayor Bill de Blasio states that, “Cutting back on […]

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Obesity, One Size Fits All?

Obesity has become one of the most popular modern day health threats across the United States. Obesity kills millions of Americans every year as well as creates a problem for the health care system, costing 190 million dollars a year just for weight related health issues. Recently I annotated an article by Gina Kolata about how peoples weight problems are […]

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The Pros and Cons of Political Parties

Political Parties play an essential role in the way our government is run. A political party is an organized group of people that share the same ideals, and or the same political positions, that field in candidates for elections to put that parties ideals into action within the government. In America, the two political parties that are too often talked […]

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Why Do Colleges Still Look At Standardized Testing Scores?

It’s that time of the year. Senior high school students are finalizing their journey at their current institution and are preparing to move on to the next stage of their life, college. High school seniors, me being one of them, have spent countless hours and lots of money on things like application fees, transcripts, and especially standardized test scores. If […]

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