• It’s that time of the year. Senior high school students are finalizing their journey at their current institution and are preparing to move on to the next stage of their life, college. High school seniors, me

    • This might be an interesting source to check out 🙂 https://purpletod.co.za/docs/Standardized%20Testing.pdf

      I liked learning more about the topic of standardized testing more just because I’m currently applying to college. I actually ranted about the cost of applying to college on social media the other day because I was so fed up. “Students that don’t have the financial ability to take the test 5 and 6 times are left with little to no wiggle room for improvement,” It is definitely important to realize these factors of socioeconomics. Maybe add some more facts as this piece progress to support your argument better. Specificity is also important when providing this supporting evidence. It’s a great job and essay 🙂

    • We’ve also been discussing this topic in my AP Calc BC class. Many of my friends who take 4 or more AP exams a year lament the exorbitant cost of the tests, with their only merits being a higher possibility to get into a good college or obtain credit. Personally, I try to take AP classes based on the subjects I’m interested in, not just to improve my application. I think that recent developments such as the superscoring of SAT scores, looking at test attempts by section rather than the whole package, show that colleges’ attitudes are changing to be more beneficial to the student rather than the corporation.

    • Hannah, this is such an important topic in our day and age. As you said before, as seniors, we’re starting to see all the true costs and sacrifices that we have to make. “Unless you are a super genius or wealthy, the standardized testing system is stacked against you,” made me realize that the system truly only favors the academically genius and the wealthy. Although those who qualify for fee waivers are given opportunities to take the test, it’s still difficult in the process of preparing for the actual test. Tutors cost around $50 an hour and when preparing for such an extensive and important test, it is necessary to partake in multiple, hour-long courses a week. For many though, this may add up to be as much as how much half of rent for the month is or the groceries for the week. This article might give you more information on the topic: http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/mar99/vol56/num06/Why-Standardized-Tests-Don%27t-Measure-Educational-Quality.aspx . As a society, I think we have to think of a way to measure a students academic growth without the extra loads of stress and financial sacrifices made to continue our education in order to better the world around us by exponential factors.

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