• This is a reflection on the writing process for my final Expository Writing class paper. It had its ups and downs, but was definitely a learning experience. So here it is:

    The research process for my paper has

    • I see that you really took a lot of techniques from Reading Rhetorically into your process and thoroughly thought about the insight it provided! I also noted that we had similar experiences in our dedication to our topics. It took a while for each of us to get involved in the conversation.

  • I am currently researching the controversial field of Artificial intelligence progression. I have been learning about the pro’s and con’s of advancing through this field and have found many articles talking abo

  • The controversy of whether scientists should develop a singularity (when Artificial Intelligence thought process surpasses one of a human) is an argument which has been growing traction as our knowledge of

  • Good job brooklyn!
    I completly agree with you that alchol is a serious issue for college students and something that needs to be dealt with. College is s place to have fun and learn and alchol binging can ruin that experience. I found those statistics very surprising and it helped give me a better understanding of the size of the issue.

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    Hi Tesh,
    I really like this argument because it is something new and out of the box. I found this piece really intresting to read. I like how you clearly stated your claim about how video games should be considered as art anf all the evidence you backed it up with. Keep up the good work!

  • Artificial Intelligence is the use computers to simulate human intelligence in hopes of creating a singularity – when machines outperform the human thought process to achieve tasks humans are incapable off. The

  • Hi Sala,
    Good job on your essay! I agree that our government should make it a priority to make our homes feel safe. I also believe that governments first priority should be our safety. However I believe that the best should hold government offices and it should not be based on skin color. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Christy, Good job on your essay! I like how you stated all the issues you would like our leaders to fix and I agree that police brutality is an important issue to solve. Keep up the good work!

  • Eccentric. It is a word whose definition matches the strange nature of the word. To be eccentric you must be slightly strange and unconventional. And I believe that the word itself is a little eccentric in a way.

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