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Dogs Make Humans Happier

My question of inquiry discusses how humans have assimilated with dogs, how humans are like their dogs and why owning a dog is beneficial. The article I found on Utah’s Online Library called “Want to Get Happier?” emphasizes the evident advantages of owning a dog. The author argues that dogs decrease stress, encourage maintenance of physical activity, combat loneliness and […]

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Social and behavioral consequences of mask policies during the COVID-19 pandemic

In an article called “Social and behavioral consequences of mask policies during the COVID-19 pandemic” published by John Hopkins University the author discusses social and behavioral trends determined by a survey. The survey featured the various perspectives of differing demographics from people in Germany. The survey determined that people who wear masks have an easier time avoiding handshakes, maintaining physical […]

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How West Virginia Has Been So Successful in Vaccine Rollout

The article from SolutionsU by Sarah Mervosh provides an example of one state’s success that serves to inspire other states on how to navigate the vaccine rollout. While there are not enough vaccines to be administered to everyone, there are some being wasted. This is a result of inefficient planning, communication, knowledge of geography, etc.. In California and Rhode Island, […]

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How Can We Decrease Worldwide Homelessness and Poverty??

I just read an article that advocates for anti-homeless laws, explains why they exist and how homeless people are mistreated by charities and state welfare. This brings a new perspective to homelessness, an issue commonly addressed by acts of charity and state-funded relief programs. The author argues that while anti-homeless laws, require violation as means of survival, they encourage people […]

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How can we decrease worldwide homelessness and poverty?

There are social causes of homelessness such as lack of affordable housing, poverty and unemployment. Loss of a relationship, losing a job, mental or physical health problems, or substance misuse and also trigger homelessness. Why is it so hard for people who are homeless to become reemployed, lose that addiction and pay for the rent? The fact of the matter […]

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