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Patrick- I think you bring up some really unique points here- this is not an issue that is commonly discussed. The cycle of former-inmates not being prioritized for jobs worsens their likelihood of being able to create a stable life for themselves and put themselves into a position to...

Milo- I think that this a very prevalent issue and becoming more so as more people are moving to Utah for a variety of reasons. I think that your article from SolutionsU presents a valid solution to the issue, although not cost effective. I would also argue that another aspect...

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  • @gs21110
  • January 5, 2021

Social distancing is a phrase I have come come to absolutely despise, and I am assuming so have many other people. Nevertheless, it has become the new normal. We have been forced to connect with each other through alternative methods, and also come to appreciate the regularities of normal...

Fatoumata, This is a very relatable letter. I am from Salt Lake City, UT, where the Coronavirus did not hit as hard as New York. We never had a mandate to stay in doors, but for the months of March, April and May, I can relate to the loneliness you...

Sam- it's true... fake news is everywhere. It's challenging today to find completely non-bias, factual media. This is very divisive. I think that there needs to be some sort of regulation of the media. This reminds me of what I learned in the new movie "The Social Dilemma."

I like this. I think that we as humans have come to think of nature as something that can benefit us. While its resources are plentiful for now, I think we need to take time to appreciate the world we are surrounded by and recognize that if it is...

Estrella, it is true that these are unprecedented times, and that even our authorities and leaders do not know how to respond because we have never seen anything like this. The large extent to which Covid-19 has changed everyones lives will have an affect on future generations and our...

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