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    Dear Murphy Fisher :

    I am thrilled about your post , “Who Am I?,” because it allowed me to connect with you on certain points.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Journalism offers such a wide variety of skills that I believe it will be beneficial in any career I choose.” I think this is a good statement because I com…[Read more]

  • My name is Olivia Grubb, and I am an editor of the features section for the school newspaper at J H Rose High school. As a journalist, it is important to know that I have only been writing

    • Hi Olivia, I think journalism is a key concept in this country. Good journalists are the difference between an educated and uneducated population. And if people are educated we can elect better people to lead us into the future of this country and the world. I am not sure about your coma conspiracy theory but I think if that really was the case then we might all be still sleeping.

    • Dear Olivia, I love how you introduced your interest in a specific theory involving comas then expanded it into a story idea. It would be a cool piece. I am also happy to hear that you are learning a lot in the short year and half of journaling. I’m curious what kinds of stories are you most interested in writing?

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